The 8 Weirdest Job Occupations You Have Never Heard of

We are pretty sure every one of you has at some point thought they have the most boring job ever. Well not these guys! Here’s a list of some of the weirdest, funniest occupations that you didn’t even know existed.

Friend for rent

Yes, it’s exactly what you think, in many counties there are services that provide “friends” for you to go out with and show up at public places. There are two types of friends for rent, the cheapest version will come with you in public, to the movies, parties, etc. and the expensive one will spend time with you, hang out and provide the ultimate “best friend experience”.

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Fake mourner

Are you worried that no one will show up at your funeral? Don’t panic, there are people for that too! You can either pre-pay the company to send people at your own funeral or engage them for someone else’s. It might be pretty costly but they will be fully engaged- crying, sobbing and telling a heartwarming story of how you met and why you were so special to them.

Chicken chaser & sexer

As you might guess, those people deal with chickens. But what is odd is that there are actual occupations that include the chicken chaser- the person who runs around trying to catch the chicken and the chicken sexer- to identify its gender. We have no idea how those jobs occurred, but we definitely wouldn’t want to run after chickens all day.

Fake robber

This is something very widely used these days, mostly by banks, malls and other shops. What you do is pay a company that will send a person to “rob” you, without actually doing it. This is how you can check if your security system is working well enough and is protecting your property well. The people performing are experienced and trained into cracking door locks and dealing with alarm systems.

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Selfie editor

With the advancement of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat, selfies have become an essential part of everyday life. But truth be told, not everyone can look flawless in a selfie and that’s why selfie editors exist. You hire them to transform your selfie into the way you want it to look like- including slimming down your face, putting up a smile, whitening teeth and everything else that you need to look your best.

Monkey trainer

Okay this one might be weird, but is for a good cause. Those people train monkeys to be of help to disabled people. Since having a monkey as a house nurse is cheaper than having an actual person 24/7, many people prefer to pay services who train monkey so help out and deal with common everyday tasks. The monkeys live in the house, can open bottles, cans, packages, give you a glass of water and everything that you cannot do yourself.

Food scientist

As it may sound normal, there are different types of food scientists and some of them have only one task- to taste food. They are hired by companies, launching new products to taste them and identify what can be done to improve the taste. These people are very popular amongst ice-cream companies, where there are a lot of flavours incorporated. What can be best that getting paid to eat ice-cream all day?

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And our personal favorite…

Pet psychiatrist

Is your dog depressed lately? Do you think your cat has anxiety problems? They can help! Whether it’s your pet’s mental health or sexual orientation you’re worried about, the pet therapist will find out what the problem is and help solve it! So if you have a problem pet and a load of money to spend, why not go and visit one?

Overall, not every job is 9-to-5 and stuck in a cubicle. There are all kind of jobs online, and "offline". You can always find something different that you can do as long as you’re creative and find the right people to offer to. So find out what you really would love to do and check if hasn’t been already done and it’s your time to shine!