Top 80 Money Management Blogs & Websites

Money management is an issue for everyone these days and people are in a need of help with dealing with their finances. This task is often perceived as boring, complicated and dangerous. The reason for this is that in their determination to improve their financial situation people tend to become naive and trust everyone that claims to provide help. But truth be told, there are many out there who just want to take advantage of vulnerable frugal people and involve them in their scams.

This brings us to why decided to make this list-to popularise and provide people with the best money management websites and distinguish them from those who are trying to scam them.

Our Top 80 list is made out of the best money management blogs and websites that we’ve read.
When you browse through them, you’ll find out that they’re quite different- some of them written by financial specialists, some are entertaining, others function as help centres. Nevertheless, they all have the same purpose- helping you change your life by taking control of your finances once and for all.

They all offer solid advice, so no matter which one you choose you won’t be disappointed. So dive in and browse around to find the website that best suits you!




#80 Emma Russell-Bennett

Why we love it: Emma is a young, enthusiastic blogger, covering various topics on her website. Her main focus is living the life that you want, while being happy with your finances and she’s willing to help. On her blog you will find different ways to earn and save money, via different jobs and freelance gigs. They are selected from her own experience and also include helpful info how to start. Furthermore, she is full of different tricks and plans to help you manage your money in the best way.

Get in touch: @AldiToHarrods



#79 Tori Atkinson

Why we love it: Instant Lolly is a fun website where you can find info on thrifty living, personal finance and many tips and tricks on how to manage your money better and earn more. It can also be useful for students, including tips on accommodation, saving, spending and living on a budget in general.

Get in touch: @InstantLolly


Nomorespending (1)

#78 Laura

Why we love it: This is Laura’s personal blog about all the things she loves- personal finance management, travel and happy living. She covers a variety of topics connected to budgeting and how to escape debt and is also enclosing her personal budgets. In her categories you can see even how to menu plan on a budget, so go take a look!

Get in touch: @nomorespending



#77 Firestarter

Why we love it: The website presents the story of a regular British man, who is determined to reach financial independence and retire early. On his website you can find a lot of tips and tricks to save money, make money and learn to spend it right. His articles have visuals in the form of tables and charts and he also has a challenge section where you can get involved. Also, you shouldn’t miss his resource page where you can find blogs on similar topics.

Get in touch: @TFSRetireEarly


Dr -Fergus -Muirhead

#76 Fergus Muirhead

Why we love it: Fergus is an experienced writer and broadcaster who has written about money for quality magazines and has also authored his own books. On his website you will find articles on budgeting, saving, taxes, retirement options and basically everything connected to money. What we love most is his “Sixty second tips” series, where he answers consumer questions in short 1-minute videos.

Get in touch: @money_sucks


Bitterwallet _avatar

#75 Bitterwallet

Why we love it: Bitterwallet is a website about finance, consumer hacks and news and we love the humorous way of writing and the different point of view they present. With Bitterwallet you can be sure that you will always be updated with the latest news and issues in the finance and consumer worlds, as well as some other fun to read articles.

Get in touch: @bitterwallet



#74 Hayley

Why we love it: Hayley is sharing her “escape debt story” on her blog and also providing helpful advice and resources for you to escape it on your own. But it doesn’t stop there- she has over 20 categories about finance management and lifestyle, regularly updated, so go visit her for good daily reads!

Get in touch: @debtfreeoneday



#73 Graham & John

Why we love it: John and Graham have started their mission to help men and women, retiring from their jobs to have an easy and comprehensive platform where to share their own views and easily find information on future prospects. They have a great money management section with a huge resource list and many articles where you can easily find and use all the information you need.

Graham's best money tip: "Invest long term in equities, and back good management.

Get in touch: @grahamrr


Savvy Annie1

#72 Annie

Why we love it: Annie’s website is entirely focused on living a debt-free life, with articles about budgeting, saving, lifestyle and even beauty. She herself is a “debt survivor” and can share all her experience with you. She also provides a simple debt calculator for your personal use.

Get in touch: @SavvyAnnieUK


Frugalfamily Logo

#71 Cass

Why we love it: Cass is all about family values and this is why she’s saving her money! She puts family on a pedestal and believes that by saving, you’ll have more money to have fun with your family. We like that she hasn’t centered her blog only around money, but also frugal living, family and food topics. Cass has something to share for everyone so why not go and take a look?

Get in touch: @frugalfamily



#70 The Self Employed

Why we love it:  Steve is a leading small business expert and his website focuses on the upcoming entrepreneurial trends for self-employment.Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mum or a retiree, The Self Employed is a good website where to find ideas for a new business, working at home or entrepreneurial advice

Get in touch: @TheSelfEmployed


Prmotional Codes

#69 Promotional Codes

Why we love it: “A spoonful of savings from Promotional Codes” is offered like an ice.cream on the website’s blog about frugal lifestyle. The three authors write about almost everything from fashion, to travel and saving money. They can also show you all the best deals for you to make smart purchases. Their articles are intriguing and engaging, besides of course, useful.

Get in touch: @twit_codes



#68 Peter Kenny

Why we love it: The best feature of The Thrifty Scot is that it manages to explain in a simple way financial topics that are rather complicated to most of us. Loans, mortgages and insurances are compared and a lot of financial tips are offered to save money everyday.

Get in touch: @ThriftyScot



#67 Iona Bain

Why we love it: Iona established the Young Money Blog in 2011 having come out of university during the worst recession in living memory. She  is a blogger, freelance journalist and respected commentator on issues affecting young peoples's finances.

Iona's best money tip: "Take out a young person's railcard if you're aged under 25 to save a third on rail tickets. Here are two bonus tips: put the railcard on your Oyster card if you travel on the tube in London to get the same discount on off-peak fares and make sure you renew the card just before your 25th birthday to get an extra year of discounts."

Get in touch: @ionayoungmoney


Karen _Bryan _finance _blog

#66 Karen Bryan

Why we love it: Karen is entirely focused on writing about making and saving money to live a happier life.  Mrs. Bryan is not a certified financial advisor but she is enthusiastic, has a lot of experience and great money management and life tips to share with you!

Karen’s best money tip: "Always check out cashback sites before buying any product or service. First find the lowest possible price, and then see if you can earn cashback on that. But don't be swayed by high cashback, as the payment of cashback is never guaranteed."

Get in touch: @karenbryan 



#65 Katie & Jenny

Why we love it: Katie & Jenny created a simple and straightforward money saving blog where you can find useful tip for your everyday life, from shopping to gardening and DIY. They just want to show you how to appreciate and use your money right and have articles about saving money in many different areas of life.

Get in touch: @DiscountCoder


Julian Hearn

#64 Julian Hearn

Why we love it: is more than a website, it’s a friendly money saving community whose motto is “save money, be happier!”. Their blog offers daily money saving tips and advices. You can also share your favorite deals, competitions or any other money making experience that you wish and get discount codes.

Get in touch: @happieruk


Blackbullion _vivifregut


#63 Vivi Friedgut

Why we love it: Blackbullion was founded by former private banker Vivi Friedgut as an independent financial education company to help people become financially smarter and take control of their financial destiny and successfully reach their goals. Her blog is full of useful and simple tips to improve our finances.

Vivi's best money tip: "Think like the taxman and pay yourself first. The chancellor knows you won't have cash left over at the end of the month so your tax is deducted before you have a chance to spend it. Treat your savings the same and set up a standing order to pay yourself first... you work hard for your money, you want to keep some for yourself!"

Get in touch: @blackbullion



#62 Lee

Why we love it: Five Pen Piece is a blog about personal finance, saving, investment, debt and frugality. While most of the popular blogs that discuss these topics concentrate on the American markets, Five Pence Piece helps address that gap for British readers. Five Pence Piece also concentrates routinely on helping people get out of debt without resorting to things that can affect credit scores and wreck life plans.

Get in touch: @ FivePencePiece


Good To Know


#61 Tara Evans

Why we love it: Tara Evans shares with us a lot useful money saving news advices and deals in the Money section of Good to Know. We are particularly fond of her articles about cooking and grocery shopping. Other than them, money is taken into account in every lifestyle area- even cooking and relationships!

Get in touch: @GoodtoKnow


Kalen Bruce

#60 Kalen Bruce

Why we love it: Kalen has a way with words, while we were discussing our list, we decided to read some of the blogs that we usually visited. Suffice to say, this “mini” blog had a big impact on one of our panels.

Kalen's best money tip: "I think people can be quick to get intimidated by finances. "Automation is one of the greatest tools for simplifying your finances and maximizing your productivity. So if I could only give one tip, it would be to automate as much as possible so you can create the time to learn as much as possible about money."

Get in touch: @MoneyMiniBlog




#59 Thousandaire

Why we love it: Thousandaire is a good website for those of you trying to manage your personal finances. Even if you aren't, his personal financial advice is very diverse and creative. For example, his most recent article about making the most of currency!

Get in touch: @iamkevinmckee




#58 iDiva

Why we love it: Okay, we might be cheating a little bit with this one, this isn’t a blog with a huge focus on money management. But, the part of the website that deals with money earns it its ranking. While you're there you can still check out a recipe or the latest fashion trends. Go visit and find all kinds of info about budgeting, money saving and much more.

Get in touch: @iDivaOnline 




#57 Kate Edwards

Why we love it: We are enthusiastic about this blog because she not only comes up with good tips on how to invest well but also focuses on a healthier lifestyles both physical and mental. Besides her money articles she also writes about how to be productive and live in a better way.

Get in touch: @CurbYC


Glenn Monster Piggy


#56 Glen

Why we love it: We want a huge piggy bank! Glen shows how paying off your debt can be done with hard work, research and patience! If you want to start topping up yours, give his website a look. Glen is also very open to a conversation, so if you have any questions, he will do his best to answer and help you.

Get in touch: @MPiggyBank


Holly Hanna

#55 Holly Hanna

Why we love it: Although technically, it is one of the best career websites, through her experience with work and finances, Holly also has a wonderful money section where she discusses the ways to earn that extra cash you've been waiting for! She also writes about blogging and different ways to make money from home.

Get in touch: @Holly_Hanna



#54 Penny Golightly

Why we love it:This is the type of website that you can visit very often. She is a very prolific writer. So, the blog is chock full of very good articles! The blog is full of support for people who don’t have enough income. She also writes about occasions and ideas on how to make the most out of the cash that you have in your wallet!

Penny’s best money tip: "Who cares if we're broke? Let's have fun anyway!"

Get in touch: @PennyGolightly


Becky Hill

#53 Baby Budgeting

Why we love it: Becky managed to rank on our list with 2 of her websites (see further down). It can be hard to budget for a baby, both time wise and economically. You want to spend time with the little guy! But, you also want to be able to give your baby everything it wants. Give a look at this blog for some ideas on how to just that!

Get in touch: @babybudgeting



#52 Jeffrey Trull

Why we love it: Is freelancing a good idea to make money? Well, if you’re wondering that, Jeffrey has a thing or two he could tell you! He focuses on  valuing your time and effort and "living the dream", meaning more money and less work. How do you achieve that? Well, I guess you will have to visit his website to find out.

Get in touch: 


Mark Shead1

#51 Mark Shead

Why we love it: Mark's blog is mainly about productivity but it can also teach you how to implement it into your money management skills.Technology has made it possible for you to become amazingly productive and earn money! However, does your smartphone really help you do that? This blog explores those questions, check it out!

Get in touch: @markwshead 



#50 My Family Club

Why we love it: Being part of a club can be pretty expensive, and what is family other than a very exclusive one? This website is really helpful for families looking for ways to make their salaries go a little bit further. You can learn about budgeting, money saving tips, ways to cut down your bills and expenses and basically everything you need when you're down on cash.

Get in touch: @myfamilyclub




#49 Young Adult Money

Why we love it: Are you a young adult? Do you have money? Well this is the website for you! This website has been tailored for those of you that have just started earning a better than average salary and need advice!

 Get in touch: @youngadultmoney



#48 Saga

Why we love it: Saga is a popular magazine, discussing a wide range of topics including finances, travel and lifestyle. Its website is a very good financial tool for those of you that are having financial difficulties. It can advise you on how to complain to your energy provider as well as how to get the best prices when traveling.

Get in touch: @SagaUK 




#47 Ninja

Why we love it: Why does all talk about debt be super serious? Ninja is a fun and delightful way to read about debt. He has informative and funny stories and also amazing stick figure visuals. However, his crowning jewel is his rap song. We have never been so informed while being so entertained. So, get down with Ninja and go check out his site!

Get in touch: @PunchDebt




Alexamason Singlemomsincome

#46 Alexa Mason

Why we love it: This is a blog, revolving around the story of one single mom, trying to keep up with expenses and figure out new ways to earn. She has a lot of helpful articles on budgeting, investing, frugal living and ways to make extra income. Another thing that her blog can offer you is a business idea section, where you can read what worked for her, get new ideas and become more productive.

Get in touch: @SingleMomIncome


#45 Thomas

Why we love it: Need some inspiration when it comes to finance? We found the website just for you! We can tell that Thomas spends a lot of time making sure that he can inspire people from all walks of life. From banking to investment, Thomas has your back! What makes his website so genuine is that he has experienced it all himself and can give you some insight. Thomas is entirely open to questions and inquiries so feel free to contact him.

Get in touch: @FinanceInspired


Natalie _macneil

#44 Natalie MacNeil

Why we love it: She said she’d take on the world, and she did. Natalie is the owner of her own business and uses that experience to give out a couple of tips. The advice is indispensable for those of us that have a dream of owning and running our own business. Doubly so when you want to do it from home. Go check out her website and enjoy all the advice in the form of short and fun videos!

Get in touch: @nataliemacneil



#43 Robert Lewis

Why we love it: We all have to keep a watch on our money. If you don’t, start! If you need a place to start, we recommend you looking into money watch’s website. This website is a source for digestible information in diagram form. There you can also find a useful set of calculators that can help you keep track of your savings, mortgages and budgeting! 

Get in touch: @moneywatch



Becky new

#42 Becky Goddard Hill

Why we love it: It's her second appearance on our list! Good investment tips, advice on broken appliances and a healthy dose of gift ideas, Becky has it all! Also, we cannot deny that she has a flair for writing, a skill she demonstrates over and over again in her blog.

Becky's best money tip: "My best budgeting tip is to advise parents to make the most of the free things around them, use your library, visit local galleries and museums, craft form the recycling box, take lunches to the park, explore the local woods. Kids don’t need stuff they need experiences!"

Get in touch: @familybudgeting


Anna _newell _jones Andthenwesaved


#41 Anna Newell Jones

Why we love it: Anna knows what it means to be in debt. That was a lesson she learned when she was twenty thousand in debt, which was the experience taught her a thing or two about saving! She started a spending diet and was able to pay off her debt in only fifteen months! We don’t know about you but we find that mighty impressive!

Get in touch: @AndThenWeSaved



Adam _magical _penny

#40 Adam Piplica

Why we love it: Adam helps with growing your pennies through conscious spending, automatic saving and sensible cost investing. In the future he would like to become a financial advisor and he shares his passion online.

Adam's best money tip: "Give yourself a monthly bill to pay yourself! Set up a standing order with your bank, set for the day you get paid - and have it automatically transfer money into a savings account. If you try to save what's left at the end of the month, you might not be able to save money consistantly, so it's better to treat saving money for the long term as just another monthly bill."

Get in touch: @magicalpenny


Little Pink Book

#39 Little pink book

Why we love it: Little pink book perfectly represents all aspects of the modern woman’s life and can be your mentor towards career development, financial improvement and give you entrepreneurial advice. In their money section they have articles on just about anything money-related, including saving tips, places to make money and how to teach your children financial culture.

Get in touch: @littlepinkbook


Quid _Corner _logo

#38 Quid corner

Why we love it: Quick quid is a company that values responsible lending and career advancement and that’s why they’re here to help you. In their blog Quid Corner, you can find all kinds of information on personal finance, development and money earning- all provided by professionals. Go ahead and join the Quick Quid community!

Get in touch: @QuickQuid




#37 Graham Clark

Why we love it: Grahams has decided to start his blog after reading thousands of other ones, providing unreliable data and money solutions. He established a community and encourages his readers to contact him and discuss. He is presenting articles containing the right data in order to enable people to make informed financial decisions. If you have any problem connected to money, Graham will always try to help solve it.

Get in touch: @moneystepper


Pauline _paquinsavvy _scot (1)

#36 Pauline Paquin

Why we love it: The website revolves mainly around personal finance and saving money, but also has a wide range like other topics like fitness and travel. It’s regularly updated and you can find articles on just about anything, including their serie posts called “New year financial boot camp” focused on optimizing your finances in every way possible, which are our favorites.

Pauline's best money tip: “My best money tip is to just get started with savings. It may look hard, but everyone can save a little this week, and increase it to a little more next week, even if that is just a couple of bucks,it all adds up over time.”

Get in touch: @SavvyScot



Peter _anderson2

#35 Peter Anderson

Why we love it:  Peter believes that everyone can achieve a debt-free financially independent life by planning.The website is full of articles related to money management. You can find here how to make money, how to save money, all information about credit & debts and banking. What’s great is that you can watch videos on the website or directly on YouTube channel if you’re too lazy to read. It’s a good way to chill and listen to the talks on the videos.

Get in touch: @MoneyMatters


Ricky Willis

#34 Ricky Willis

Why we love it: Ricky treats his blog as a full time job where he writes about ‘how to start spending less, without living without’. After facing some financial problems in his family he decided that he has to start controlling the way he lives and spends money. On the blog he shares all his great tips especially in relation to the money management in the family life.

Get in touch: @SkintDadUK



#33 Adam

Why we love it: The website was created in 2012 due to Adam’s excellent idea about sharing his financial business knowledge with other people since the society experienced a crisis at that time. His objective is to give people financial freedom, so that they spend money wisely. Whether you are thinking about taking loan from the bank or starting new business – you will find the answer and helpful advice on the Money Bulldog page!

Get in touch: @Moneybulldoguk


Abbigabasa _mscareergirl

#32 Abbi Gabasa

Why we love it: The website's aim is to inspire and motivate females in relation to their career. You can find here everything  from productivity and career to money tips. The articles are all about finding balance and the best solution while managing all aspects of the every woman’s life.

Abbi’s best money tip: "Budgeting is one task we all loathe and the thought of it can make us nauseous. However, something as simple as an excel spreadsheet or Mint account can tell you that you are drinking way too much Starbucks."

Get in touch: @MsCareerGirl


Simonlambert Thisismoney


#31 Simon Lambert

Why we love it: On the website you can find huge piles of information and articles about money. Everything from finding tips in home money, markets, saving & banking, investing, bills, cars, holidays, pensions, mortgages & homes. The page is really broad in money related topics so everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

Get in touch: @thisismoney




#30 Maria Nedeva

Why we love it: Maria Nedeva is Professor of Science and Innovation Dynamics and Policy at a highly ranking British university; she has two Masters and a PhD. Despite that, five years ago her interest in and understanding of money was such that she found herself in a huge amount of debt. Maria and he husband paid off all their consumer debt in three years and now their focus is on making enough money by October 2018 to be financially independent. On her website, she shares her story and teaches people in financial trouble how to build wealth.

Maria's best money tip: "It is important how much you keep, not how much money you make. Money is for life, life is not for money."

Get in touch: @moneyprinciple



Ptm _237x 219

#29 Philip Taylor

Why we love it: Philip Taylor is a man of many hats. He wears the hat of blogger, husband, father and entrepreneur. Even though he certainly has his hands full, his blog doesn’t suffer from it. He provides insight on the best mobile phone providers as well as the characteristics of people who are debt free.

Philip's best money tip: "Automate your savings (both for retirement and short-term needs) using small, weekly contributions so that you don't have to remember to do it. Pay yourself first!"

Get in touch: @ptmoney

Annie Shaw Cash Questions

#28 Annie Shaw

Why we love it: The author of the blog is a finance journalist so you can find only reliable information there. The greatest thing is that you can ask for a free advice or any question related to money and a team of experts will give you the answer in a published article. If you have doubts with your investments or what the next steps should be you can always get help through this website.

Get in touch: @CashQuestions



#27 Dumbfunded

Why we love it: Dumbfunded is a great blog where you can not only get some info, but also keep up with the latest money news! Its authors are writing mainly about personal finance and money management but also include reviews of different tools and apps that can be very useful. We especially love their infographics section where you can get educated while being entertained!

Get in touch: @dumbfunded




#26 A Thrifty Mrs

Why we love it: This blog is about the fun side of thrifty living! The author started it to describe some deals she came across and it later turned into a place for her life story, sharing her experience and finding the latest news and deals on how to live thrifty. We especially love her “How to” section where you can find guides on just about everything about frugal living.

Get in touch: @AThriftyMrsUK


#25 Youcouldsave

Why we love it: The website has been awarded in Times Online Top 20 British personal finance blogs and no wonder. It combines large amount of information and topics and is easily accessible. We definitely like the writing- even on complicated topics, their team manages to keep it clear and understandable. It is also always updated and addressing the latest trends and problems.

Get in touch: @YouCouldSave


Julie Cheung Financegirl

#24 Julie Cheung

Why we love it: Julie writes from her own perspective all about investing, saving and making money. Easy-to-read, informal language helps you to derive the essence of the articles. She is going to take you with her on her journey from a frugal-ish lifestyle to money management based on actual knowledge and in accord with the latest financial trends.

Get in touch: @juliecheung


Miss _thrifty _financial _blog

#23 Miss Thrifty

Why we love it: The author of the page tackles all the cash related problems (beauty, fashion, weddings, personal finance and food). You can find here tons of useful articles and bargains. The Website’s content is written in a catchy way and enhanced with great photos what makes it even more interesting.

Get in touch: @Miss_Thrifty



#22 Steven Aitchison

Why we love it: We love the fact that Steven is entirely devoted to his blog. The idea behind it is to help people change their lives. Steven looks at every aspect of life which would help a person live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Steven’s best money tip: “Your beliefs about money will determine how much of it you make in your life. Change your beliefs about money and you automatically change how much money you will make.”

Get in touch: @StevenAitchison


Sarahpennels Savvywoman

#21 Sarah Pennells

Why we love it: We find this website as a great place for every women as the articles focus mainly on the female point of view. It helps in managing your money in a way that you have everything under control. Sarah is a personal finance journalist and broadcaster and on the website you can read all of her great tips.

Get in touch: @Savvy_Woman





#20 Kylie Travers

Why we love it: Kylie has a lot of experience with finances, also author of the book “365 ways to save money” and she’s proud to always come up with new ideas for money making and saving. Her website is divided in several categories including money management articles, as well as motivation and personal experience sharing.

Get in touch: @KylieTravers_au



#19 Paula Pant

Why we love it: Paula has a different approach towards money, since she’s entirely focused on growing your wealth, rather than saving and living on less. She believes money is essential to “fuel your dreams” and also writes about travel, leisure and freedom.

Paula's best money tip: "My best money-related tip is to boost your savings by an extra one percent every month. If you earn $4000 per month, that means increasing your savings by an extra $40 in the first month, $80 in the second month, $120 in the third month, etc. By doing this, you'll be able to boost your savings without "feeling" too drastic of a pinch."

Get in touch: @AffordAnything




#18 Monevator

Why we love it: Monevator is a two-person blog that aims to inspire people to take money matters in their own hands. It’s not a professional advice centre, though it has a lot of information on earning and investing. What we like about it most is that it avoids the fast-money making decisions and options and focuses on slow-but steady development.

Get in touch: @Monevator


Money Superstar

#17 Pete & Dave

Why we love it: We mostly adore the ambition of those two brothers who just sat down and decided to share their money managing experience with others, so everyone can benefit from their advice. Their blog consists of different sections on how to make and save money and also some of their personal experiences included. It’s extremely easy and fun to read, has a lot of helpful info and was already voted top finance blog, so keep up the good work boys!

Get in touch: @moneysuperstar



Mindful Money

#16 Mindful Money

Why we love it: The website is a big network for people interested in investing and saving, or economy in general. You will be able to find all kind of information on investing, personal finance and also all the recent news and issues regularly updated with an option for discussion. Maybe the best thing about the website is that it works as a link between investors and people with ideas so it can be beneficial to everyone.

Get in touch: @mmlatest



#15 Moneywise

Why we love it: Moneywise is a magazine with a long history of helping people deal with their money earning and lifestyle. They provide various information on how and where to invest, how to optimize your spending and all kinds of money management issues. They also offer a newsletter subscription so you can get the most out of their articles as soon as they come up!

Get in touch: @Moneywiseonline


Money Couk

#14 Money UK

Why we love it: The website is a free, online comparison tool, via which you can compare different personal finance products and services.They aren’t advising or promoting anything, their aim is for you to see a simple overview and make your own, well-informed financial decisions. They provide comparisons of all kinds of insurances, mortgages and saving and banking tools.

Get in touch: @moneycouk


Bob Lotich Christianpf

#13 Bob Lotich

Why we love it: Bob’s inspiration website is focused mainly on growing, saving and spending money reasonably. On his website you can get practical tips and guidelines on how to manage your money in a way that enables their growth. He also provides free newsletters, online courses and books so people can get access to all his knowledge.

Get in touch: @ChristianPF


David Ning

#12 David Ning

Why we love it: David is entirely in for managing your money while taking action. He is determined to help you change your financial culture and provides a lot of resources to help. We love David because he is very involved and will always be quick to answer all of your questions.

David’s best money tip: “One thing most people need to improve their finances is “to want the outcome”. Why does it matter for you to have a substantial nest egg? Comfortable retirement? Not needing to rely on the kids? Once you ignite that fire in the belly, you’ll spend the time and energy required to figure out ways to save and build wealth. The key is to develop the motivation to save for the future.”

Get in touch: @MoneyNing


Crystal Paine 2

#11 Crystal Paine

Why we love it: Crystal is a true inspiration to bloggers worldwide, she owns a huge website, offering all kinds of useful information, ranging from managing your money and business, to finding the best deals available. Besides her informational articles on how to save money, she also provides a huge coupon database and ways to optimize your budget and spend less.

Get in touch: @MoneySavingMom



#10 Get Rich Slowly

Why we love it: The website is entirely dedicated to sensible personal finance, steady and consistent money management and is completely excluding get-rich-quick options. There you can find different tips, guides, personalized advice and guidance on your financial journey. What we love most is that they have a blog series of “Ask the reader”, where they encourage communication with their visitors.

Get in touch: @GetRichSlowly



#9 Money Mag Pie

Why we love it: It was set up in April 2007 by journalist and TV personality Jasmine Birtles.The website is all about legitimate ways to make extra money and boost your income. It also features articles on how to save money and is full of money-related tips to help you become a clever consumer who knows what and when to buy.

Their best money tip: “Our best money-related tip is look for extra ways to make money. There are loads of money-making opportunities out there, many of them quite fun, and if you can find something that suits your lifestyle then you're on to a winner!”

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Market Oracle

#8 Market oracle

Why we love it: Market oracle is an in-depth daily online publication analysing financial markets and opportunities and providing personal finance advice of all kinds. It covers a wide range of categories and topics and the biggest difference that it makes from the other similar bloggers is that it’s all written by specialists in the field.

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Jason Vitug

#7 Jason Vitug

Why we love it: Jason Vitug is an author, speaker and founder of Phroogal, aiming to empower better financial decisions. He writes on topics like financial awareness, money management and conscious spending and his website also provides a great Q & A section where you can get all of your money-related questions answered.

Jason’s best money tip: "Reduce fixed expenses and diversify your income sources by adding a side hustle or gigs. Use extras cash to pay off debt and save. Focus on achieving a debt free lifestyle so you can focus on living in the moment."

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#6 Penelope Trunk

Why we love it: Penelope is a huge inspiration in the field of career and entrepreneurship. She herself owns 4 startups and maintains an extensive website being a great guide career- and money-wise. Her money management section and articles have a different take on money as a concept and she also offers 1-on-1 coaching.

Penelope’s best money tip: "Don't save money when you're in your 20s. Invest it in yourself. Take risks. Generally, people don't regret that they took risks in their life. They only regret that they didn't. But taking risks costs money. Use your money to take risks in your 20s because once you have a spouse and kids, taking risks is very difficult. And anyway, even if you save a lot of money in your 20s, you won't feel like you have enough money to raise kids. No one ever feels like they have enough. It's the human condition. After all, what if you were a cave person and you looked at a pile of berries, and you said, "Hm. That's fine. I'm not going to get any more." You'd die. You'd starve. So humans are programmed to never think we have enough. And since you won't feel like you have enough money, don't bother saving it in your 20s."

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#5 Andrew & Gyutae

Why we love it: Those two young men have dedicated their website to educating people financially and helping them make better and informed decisions. Their topics cover credit and debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance and spending. Being one of the best in their field, they are aiming to create a financially responsible community of readers.

Andrew & Gyutae's: Before you go to spend money on anything, whether it’s an expensive purchase like a smartphone or something more modest like some new clothes, ask yourself one simple question – do I really need this? If you answer that objectively, a lot of the time you’ll find that answer to be no.

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#4 Wisebread

Why we love it: The website is one of our favorites, it’s a community of bloggers devoted to “living large on a small budget”. Their message is that you don’t have to abandon your lifestyle or favorite activities to save money, they just want to educate you how to become money conscious and take the right action. There you can find everything about frugality, personal finance and even life hacks.

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#3 Ramit Sethi ★

Why we love it: Ramit has gone from psychology student, to New York Times bestselling author in no time and has a totally different approach to money than most of the money experts out there. He writes about entrepreneurship, money management and careers and his different take on those topics is truly inspirational and will change your point of view forever. Almost all his material is free so go and change your life now!

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Money Aware -team -photo

#2 Money aware ★★

Why we love it: Money aware is a community, aiming to help people overcome their debt problems once and for all. Although it’s mainly focused on debt, you can also find make and save money articles. Those 7 young experienced specialists provide on and offline debt help to everyone free of charge, as well as different debt calculating and resource tools. If you’re not in debt, it’s still worth the visit, so they can show you how not to gain it one day.

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Martin Lewis

#1 Martin Lewis ★★★

Why we love it: Martin created his website in 2003 for almost no money and has turned it into UK’s biggest and most successful money management website. It covers all kinds of money related topic on how and where to make, save and spend your money. It is completely free, doesn’t take advertising or subscription fees. Even though Martin has become a financial celebrity and have over 80 employees, he still updates the blog himself and keeps his readers updated.

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We hope that you enjoyed our list! We certainly enjoyed making it! All of these blogs are proof that there are genuine people out there that really do care about helping other people. From Martin Lewis to Emma Russel-Bennet, these guys really do go above and beyond.