Why Reviews/Online Surveys Matter

Why Reviews Matter

We’ve all read a scathing review at some point in our lives. Reviews where a critic has become more butcher than a critic. Those kinds of reviews don’t really help anyone, they aren’t constructive and are just downright mean.

On the other hand, if a critic is fair and open about his or her criticisms a review can make a film maker take stock of his weaknesses. In that way, reviewer and reviewee form a symbiotic relationship where both can rely on each other. Although the reviewee needs to be careful not to change too much and lose his/her unique voice.

Why Online Surveys Matter

The reason why reviews are important are also the same reason that online surveys are important. A company wants to have a dialog with its customers about what works and what doesn’t. One of the advantages of online surveys is that they have thousands of reviewers that they trust instead of just one or two.

Imagine a world without reviews or online surveys! Things would take much longer to change and improve. Things would improve, that’s one of the main features of capitalism. If people don’t like something they’ll just vote with their wallets and don’t buy it.

This wouldn’t be very good, we’d run the risk of people launching a products that are just one or two changes away from being perfect. You might be thinking "well, that’s good! Products that aren’t very good shouldn’t be allowed to be on the market!". That’s true, but people have put their heart and soul into these products/tv shows/services, to have them fail because they didn’t tweak it a little bit is heartbreaking.

why reviews/online surveys matter2

You Disagree?

You may be thinking to yourself that art should change to appeal to a “demographic”. We would argue that most of the times it should, if you want to reach a new audience, that is. If you never try to appeal to different people, your message will only have a very limited audience.

We’re not saying that one should completely change the core of whatever project you’re working on. It’s just that by changing the packaging you can get your message or product across to people that may have never tried it. No matter if you’re a director or a multinational, that’s something you want.

The reason that online surveys (and reviews) matter is because nothing is created in a vacuum. These creators need to know if what they’re creating are resonating with their audience, they need to know if there’s anything that they can or need to do better. This way they can also try to change their packaging a little bit and make