Top 20 Hilarious Money Problems People Shared

See people's #5WordMoneyProblems

Comedy show @midnight is famous for its fun Twitter games. They often present new ideas for hashtag games and today the spotlight is on money problems. They appealed for their fans to share their money problems in 5 words only and the results are beyond funny!

So how does this interest you? Even if you are neck deep in your own problems and don't want to listen to those of others, I promise you one thing:

There's no way you won't have a great laugh at this list! 

So there you have it:



 As much as we love to be optimistic, this man has successfully described most people's experience with money management.



Okay, desperate times call for desperate measures, let's hope Mrs Gowers saves the day!



Perception point is always important.


Freedom of speech is obviously not that cheap in 2015.


This is just sad, but wh


Well this is a matter that has to be taken into serious consideration, isn't it?


Being unable to afford Starbucks isn't very uncommon, but also their wifi is a serious concern.


Well, this is a tough dilemma but the final answer is clear...or is it?

#9 2

In this case we are not sure if the bigger problem for Ronnie is the lack of money or the ATM come to life.



Just the Universe giving its subtle signs.


It's always nice to try new things, right? As long as there's some left for the dog, it's all good.


What a bummer, this issue should definitely be addressed to their management!


Of course it does, anything that looks edible is good for a meal. 


If recycling useless rubbish is good for the planet, why wouldn't it be for you wallet?



People before used penicilin to heal sicknesses anyway right?



Taking it a bit to the extreme there, at least keep the important ones intact.


As we consider this a very fun and non-engaging profession, there are still other options to consider, like online surveys!



It's always good to be practical and flexible! 


Not everyone nowadays is a slave of technology! 



Innovative cooking recipes always come in handy. We are impressed that you can adapt your cooking skills to changing evironments.

Last word

Did you have fun as we promised? It's always good to get your head out of your problems and have a little fun with them- it gives you a fresh look and a different point of view on how to deal with them. You can find the rest of the money problems on Twitter with #5wordmoneyproblems. If you know the feel a bit too well, you should consider the option to make money online!