How to Enjoy A Spring Day Out in London – and Save Money!

London on the Cheap: Our Top 5 Picks For April

London FlowWe may be far from summer just yet but the weather is looking up! The streets are buzzing, the cafes and parks are filling up, people are starting to sunbathe by the Thames and everyone seems caught up in the infectious excitement for many warmer days to come! London is absolutely fantastic in springtime!

While London can be quite expensive, there are actually a lot of things you can do to enjoy the city for cheap and even for free. Just because you are cash-strapped does not mean you have to sulk in your room all day. After all, you deserve some downtime after having worked so hard throughout the week. It’s time to head out, smell the spring flowers and enjoy a cheap day out in the city.

We list our 5 top picks of activities that you can check out for the month of April - Enjoy!

1. Go on a Food Trip at Shoreditch

Euro Car Parks, Brick Lane | Every Saturdays from 12 April  | Free entry


There are many food festivals popping up everywhere but our top pick is the Urban Food Fest at Shoreditch. Enjoy the street food party vibe, the great live music and stuff yourself with cheaply priced but yummy international eats ranging from Pad Thai, falafel wraps, Cajun frog legs to German apfelstrudel, Peruvian choripan with chimichurri and our local English favorites. It is open every Saturday from 5 pm starting April 12th. Entry is free and generous food portions cost anywhere between 1 to 8 quid.

2. Celebrate St. George's Day

Trafalgar Square |Saturday, 25 April 2015 | 12:00pm to 6:00pm  | Free entry

 St George

Come and join the feast day of the patron saint of the English in Trafalgar. With a wide selection of fun and free activities to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone ‒ whether you are a foodie, a music lover or just wanting to have a great day with the family. Enjoy traditional English food, open air concerts, cooking demos, farmers’ markets, crafts, entertainers, English games and many more!

3. Soak up some culture

Pretty much all museums across London  | Mostly free

British _museum _791x 531

When in London, there is no excuse to plead ignorance because the city is amassed with many wonderful museums and exhibits that you can visit for free. It’s just about time to finally do that long overdue museum trip and brush up on your arts, culture and history. Besides the major ones like the Natural History Museum, British Museum, Science Museum and V&A  that hardly need a mention here, there are also many fun and quirky museums that you may wanna check out too. Our favourites: 

Ragged School Museum

Free on Wednesdays and Thursdays  between  2pm and 5pm | Free

A living museum recreating Victorian classroom and 1900s East End kitchen with actors playing in period costumes

The Wellcome Collection

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am-6pm; Thur 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-6pm  | Free

There is an ongoing exhibition with the theme 'Forensics: The anatomy of crime'  for those who are not weak at heart and have the fascination for death and investigation. For the candid ones and not so easily-offended, 'The Institute of Sexology' is the first UK exhibition to bring together the great pioneers of the study of sex featuring risqué artefacts that can leave you blushing.

Horniman Museum

Daily 10.30-5.30pm | Free for permanent exhibits

The museum boasts a wide collection of anthropological artefacts, musical instruments, an aquarium and natural history collection. They have several free ongoing exhibitions that we recommend seeing: Plantastic!, Revisiting Romania: Dress and Identity and Memories of China. Check their website for more info. 

 4. Rediscover London

Daily meetups at 10 am, 11 am and 2pm | Covent Garden | Free (tip basis)

London -girl -walk

You may have lived all your life in London, or maybe you are actually new in the city. Either way, there is always something new to learn about the city. We highly recommend taking the Sandeman Tour, a free 2.5 hour walking tour of London's main sights where you can learn a lot of the city's history, quirky facts and urban legends. It is also a fun way to meet people who have come all the way from different parts of the world to see London.

5. Bask in the sunshine

A green patch in your favourite London Park | Free + a few quid for sunscreen


With temperatures hitting a high of 21 °C last Easter, many Brits are looking forward to more promising weather for the rest of the season. Join fellow Londoners who are are flocking to the city parks to bask and revel in the delightful spring sunshine.  Have a picnic, share a glass of wine or two, people watch for hours and enjoy a good dose of Vitamin D! 

Don't forget to look out for our top recommendations for next month! Keep posted and check in often for our other stories and articles we're featuring only here in SurveyBee.