How To Freelance as a Youtuber

You’ve watched youtube videos before, and probably have thought to yourself: “I can do that!” After all, it all looks so easy! But beware, making money off of youtube requires dedication, skill, hard-work and a little bit of luck. It is not the easiest way to make money online. However, if you follow these steps you at least have a better shot than 70% of a lot of the stuff out there.

Get Some Friends Together

First of all, it is always good to do this with friends. That way you can always motivate each other to do better. An added benefit of getting a friend is that you have the pressure of knowing that someone is counting on you, which will in turn make you stick to your deadlines. After all, nobody that says freelancers can’t work together!

Get a Camera

Well, you might a lot of skills when it comes to making people laugh, cry and think. However, that means nothing if you can’t get it on tape. So, in order to take your second step into youtube freelancing, you need to get a camera.

Also, we suggest that you get acquainted with all of the different kinds of movie editing software out there. You might be tempted to use free software, but if you want to have a career in creative arts, it is highly suggested that you make use of professional software (or free software that has a similar set up). By doing that, you can tell prospective employers that you not only have a popular Youtube channel but also are versed in relevant video editing software.

Think About What Type of Freelancer You Are

You need to have an idea of what you want to be. Make sure that that idea is a singular, concrete and specific. Youtube wants to give its viewers exactly what they want, if you’re too spread out, Youtube won’t notice you. You need to focus if you want Youtube to focus on you.

Sociale Medier Synlighed

Post It On Social Media

Well, you’ve spent all that time, money and effort on it… Now, it’s time to post it! Remember that freelancing on Youtube takes time and consistency. Also, that it never hurts to post stuff on every single social media out there. In order to succeed, you have to set up a date for updates and stick to them! We can’t promise that you’ll become a Youtube sensation when you follow all of these steps, but you’ll definitely be better than 80% of the stuff out there.

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