Paid Online Surveys: What’s in it for you?

How to benefit from Paid Online Surveys.

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Gone are the days where you received phone calls from polling institutes asking about your preference about a recently introduced product or your attitude towards a new packaging design. In the last decade market research over the phone has given way, and is now to a large extent conducted via the World Wide Web.

Everybody who has access to the Internet can easily participate in such paid online surveys, answer questionnaires or review new products. But why should you do that and help companies enhance their products? What’s in it for you?

Getting Paid for Filling Online Surveys

The probably most appealing advantage for participating in online surveys is the fact that they are paid. Yes, that is right! You can actually earn money or receive rewards by praising, criticising and judging new products or brands. Telling your opinion might not make you instantly rich, but it is definitely an easy way of adding some extra money to your bank account.

All one needs is access to the Internet and some spare time. At what time the participants fill out the paid online surveys is totally up to them. Be it in the bus when on the way back home from work or when sitting on the couch: the participants can pick a time that suits them best and most often answering the question does not take too long. Sometimes it only requires 5 or 10 minutes, and some other times participants need more time to fill out the survey. One thing that always stays the same is that the participants in paid online surveys receive a reward in the form of money, vouchers or prize draws as a ‘thank you’ for the effort.

Signing up for such paid online services is as easy as setting up an online account with Amazon. One can either apply directly to individual companies or can pick a website that sends out paid online surveys from several companies. When choosing the latter, participants most of the time just have to state their name and email as well as some personal information such as their place of residence or birthday.


These data are of valuable information for the researchers, as it enables them to send the participants only those questionnaires and trial products that are suitable and matching with their profile (so that men do not receive surveys e.g. about female hygiene products.) But of course people interested in participating in paid online surveys and getting rewarded for it, should choose wisely which platform to use.

Reliable online survey websites are out there, but you might also come across sites that just want to make use of your contact information or will never transfer the earned money. The question about how to get the money and rewards is one important point that should be considered already when signing up for paid online surveys.

Trustable companies will clearly depict how participants receive their money as well as address issues of anonymity and data privacy. It is therefore advisable to perform a short background check on the websites that offer paid online surveys and review how they proceed regarding these issues.

Besides the fact that one can make money by filling out online surveys, participants should also consider the quite nice point that they actively support companies in improving and developing their products. So maybe the next time when a new product appears on the supermarket shelves and it already seems familiar to you, it is because you have been somewhat involved in it's development.

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