Philosophy and Freelance

Philosophy! Since I watched the first Matrix movie, I’ve always been interested in the ideas that philosophy puts forward. How can you be sure that the reality you’re experiencing is real? Questions like that may seem weird and pointless to ask yourself, and maybe they are. However, by thinking about those questions, you work out your problem solving and thinking muscles.

How Freelancing Can Benefit From Philosophy

Well, freelancers are paid to solve problems. Philosophy is basically a collection of problems that have no real answers. If you practice by thinking about philosophical ideas, you train yourself in thinking outside of the box. If you think outside of the box, you’re able to come up with several solutions for the job you’ve been hired for.

A freelancer’s time is valuable, so you have to think about which sort of philosophical problems are most relevant to your profession. After all, philosophy has a varied and diverse history that spans centuries. Sure, if you are photographer, you might get a little bit out of pondering about good and evil. However, as a photographer, you might get more out of reading about colours 

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Reading About Colours Can Help Me Freelance?

Well, it certainly can’t hurt your freelancing skills. The idea here is that you end up thinking more about colours when you’re taking your pictures. I would argue that as long as you are thinking more consciously while working, you’ll automatically take better pictures. I also think that the same could be applied to all other sorts of professions and problems.

For example, if you are freelancing as an international marketer, reading about different cultures philosophy is a very good idea. Every culture has a treasure trove of cultural canonical texts, Descartes’ meditations could be seen as one of the west’s cultural canon in the sense that it describes ideas that appear to be foundational to western culture.

If you read the fundamental philosophy of a country’s culture, you understand a little bit more about the country. This means that you are better able to tailor your message to your customers (something vital for freelancers). For example, if you managed to get a freelance job that revolves around marketing messages to English speaking Chinese, it would be very beneficial for you to read some Confucian literature.

We hope that we have inspired some of you budding freelancers to pick up a philosophy book once in a while. If you do that, you might be able to think more critically and, perhaps, a better understanding of a different culture.

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