The Health Benefits of Working From Home

Working has never been healthier!

Turns out, doing work from home is not only cost and time-effective, but also beneficial for your health. While it’s clear that homeworkers are happier and have better mental health, there are debates on how does it reflect on your physical condition.

Many claim that it makes you lazy, fatigued and demotivated, which has a negative impact on your overall well-being. That’s why we decided to set the bottom line and list the 3 reasons why working from home is great for your health!

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Reduces stress

The first and maybe biggest reason homeworking is great for your health is that it slashed your stress levels. Don’t get me wrong- it’s still a job, with pressuring deadlines and annoying team members so you won’t be completely calm. But let’s try this- imagine your working day from start to end, is it really work that annoys you? 

Most of the workers state that the most stressful part of their day is the rush- waking up on time, struggling with what to wear, running after the bus, being in a hurry to leave and pick up the kids and so on. Working from home eliminates most of those concerns, allowing you to have a calmer routine.

Reducing you body’s stress is extremely important for your health since when put under high pressure, your brain starts releasing chemicals, inducing higher hormone rates. This unnatural spike causes higher blood pressure, increased heart rate, headaches and metabolism slowdown. All these consequently worsen your health and mental state, so try practicing stress management today to deal with it. 

Allows you to be healthy

Without the tight schedule you can spare some time for exercising. Imagine how much healthier you’ll become if you spend that one hour a day of travel for working out. Having an exercise routine makes you more toned and releases dopamine and other useful to your body chemicals to make you feel energised and happier.

Another benefit to your health would be the freedom of food you get when working at home. You don’t have to comply with what you have at work and spend a good ten minutes contemplating if to eat or not to eat that weird-looking dish you have for lunch. It’s all in your hands now!

You have all the facilities in your kitchen and no tight break time, so you can go crazy and exercise your chef skills. Plus, you get to spend as much money you want on whatever you feel like eating and not get an overpriced meal that you don’t even like.

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Improves your mental health

As the first part of this article was purely about physical health, let’s not forget that it’s connected to your mental well-being. A huge advantage of working from home is that it allows a better work-life balance, meaning that you would have more time to spend with friends and family and do the things you enjoy.

Engaging in your favourite activities or even having a little time to sit down and relax, helps you feel more rested and energised and overall- happy. The feeling of happiness reflects positively on your attitude and relationships with people, productivity and motivation, which is really important when working from home. These benefits of working from home are of huge importance and even if they don’t seem like it now, in the long term they can be crucial.