Top 10 Reasons People Working From Home Love Their Jobs

Work from home and love it: The Top 10 Benefits

Working From Home and Loving It- Here's Why

We owe it to the genius of technology - our broadband internet, cloud computing and trusty smartphones. Working in a virtual workspace is now a reality, giving many the possibility of doing work from home while staying close to family and loved ones.

And while there are still hesitations around the concept of working from home, many businesses are catching on to the benefits of offering remote working, as the large degree of flexibility for workers is believed to have a positive impact on productivity and employee retention.

On a survey from Microsoft whitepaper, Work Without Walls (2012), the following are the top 10 benefits of working from home from the employees’ perspective. Most of these are fairly self-explanatory but let’s take a look anyway at why they are loving working from home:

10) Environmentally friendly (23%)

Because telecommuters are mostly home rather than commuting to work, not only are they saving precious time and gas money but are also obviously reducing pollution by staying off the roads. There are also polls showing that telecommuters tend to consume less bottled waters and print less papers when they are working from home than when they are in the office.

While it may seem like a simple exercise of frugality, the bigger picture shows that collectively, people working from home are doing something good for the planet in their little but significant ways.

9) More time with family (29%)

Family _time (1)

Telecommuters have much more flexibility with their time than the traditional 8-to-4 workers, which allows them to schedule their day better around the demands of their family. The chances of being called for an overtime or missing one of those family dinners yet again for being stuck in the rush hour traffic, are close to nil. People working from their homes have the luxury of cutting back their work hours in favour of spending some much-needed quality time with their loved ones.

8) Less stressful environment (38%)

Naturally, when you can get both family and work in check by working from home, the daily grind becomes less stressful and more manageable. The flexible working hours also allows telecommuters to choose to work on a time that they will be most comfortable and effective in. Working from home also frees you from the stress brought about by the nagging boss, office drama or even that uncomfortable ergonomic chair.

7) Quieter atmosphere (43%)

As not everyone who works from home is living with the loudest little creatures in the planet, almost half of the respondents from the survey cites that a home environment is a sanctuary compared to the noise and stresses of a normal office. Little things such as having the freedom to design your workspace, the privacy and quiet of working from home is something that is hard to get by in a traditional office scenario.

6) Eliminate long commute (44%)

By working from home, telecommuters are able to reduce the hours spent on long commutes drastically. A recent research shows that the average British worker spends 10,634 hours travelling to and from work at the cost of £50000. That is over a year spent on commute, a substantial part of our lives that could otherwise be spent with loved ones or doing things that we enjoy the most. Fortunately for telecommuters, these figures aren’t going to haunt them any time soon.

5) Less distractions (44%)


A lot of telecommuters believe that more work gets done at home when there are less distractions such as having customers stopping in or having to answer calls or emails constantly. For many, having a controlled environment gives them more time to focus on their tasks, thus improving their productivity.

4) More productive (45%)

On the subject of productivity, a 2013 research by Stanford University shows that people who work from home are 12% more efficient and 50% more satisfied than their office-bound counterparts. You might want to remember this the next time you want to pitch working from home to your boss.

3) Avoid traffic (47%)

Telecommuting might be your best bet in avoiding traffic once and for all. A lot of us know too well how traffic can cause us major stress. Luckily for people working from home, they do not have to put up with the infuriating daily morning rush nor the mad fighting over parking spots.

2) Save gas (55%)

Cutting out the commute makes a world of difference, not just to a telecommuters’ stress level but also to their pockets. The next time you gas up, imagine what you could buy with a year’s worth of gas money if you worked from home.

1) Work/home balance (60%)

Work _life _balance

There could not be any better way to achieve the elusive work-home balance than being able to work from home where you have the flexibility to fit into a day a little of everything. It is being able to tuck your kids to bed or being able to squeeze time to meet friends, all while being financially and personally rewarded. For many working from home, this is the biggest motivator and the top reason for loving being home-based.