Top Easter Trends Infographic- How Do Britons Celebrate it?

Latest trends in UK's Easter celebrations

Easter (named after the Anglo- Saxon goddess of spring Eostre) is one of the brightest Christian holidays, celebrated worldwide. While traditions in different countries vary, almost all of them have something in common- Easter eggs. They are the symbol of Easter along with the Easter bunny and the cross.

Nevertheless, celebrations have changed over the years in the UK. The traditional boiled and painted eggs have been surpassed by chocolate eggs and sweets. Probably if you give a child a boiled egg in 2015, they would definitely be puzzled.

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Other Easter facts regarding children are that 28% of them think that the Easter story is about the hare and tortoise because of their association with the Easter bunny. 29% of children did not know about the religious significance of the holiday and the resurrection.
With all those changing trends, the UK is earning a lot more money as well. The value of Easter eggs has increased by £44 million over the past few years with 80 million sold every year, putting the UK in the top 4 chocoholic nations. See the newest exciting trends in our infographic below.

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Even with the abandoning of old traditions and adopting new ones, Easter for Brits is still a day to spend with their families. The significance of the holiday seems to get more outdated nowadays but the Easter spirit remains in British families.
Happy Easter from our Surveybee team! 

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