All There is to Know About Career Coaching: Is it Worth The Money?

Life and career coaching are a relatively new trend in the UK but more people are turning to professional help to guide them through their job search. In today’s environment, looking for a job can be stressful and intimidating and with lack of support, everyone can get discouraged and desperate.

This is when career coaches come in, aiming to motivate people, assist them while looking for a job and help them determine their goals. But are they lifesavers for the unemployed, or is it a big waste of money?

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What exactly is a career coach?

A consultant, providing guidance according to the customer’s goals and objectives, aiming to optimize quality of job search.

Coaches are similar to mentors- they have had the experience and aim to motivate and inspire their customers to be successful. The process is based on a close relationship, based on trust and mutual respect.

Most coaches have some kind of education for their job, but not all are certified professionals in the area. Nevertheless, many of them are experienced and may share some insights on the job search with their customers.

What can a career coach do for you?

Since looking for a job can be pretty challenging and continuous rejections cause demotivation and desperation, the main goal for career coaches is to support their customers and make sure they follow their goals.

This is why the first thing a career coach will do for you is discuss what you want to achieve career-wise and will ask you questions like:‘Where do you see yourself with your career development and how close you are to this goal?’This aims to clarify your objectives and strategy in order for both of you to get a better understanding of the results that have to be achieved.

From then on, a career coach can provide assistance with documentation, writing a spot-on resume and cover letter and prepare you for prospective interviews. They will suggest new ways for conducting your job search and monitor the process all the way until you reach your goal. You can also get valuable insight from the industry development from your coach.

Another thing that people find hard to do by themselves is analyse their career background. Career coaches can help you identify your key strengths and weaknesses, channel your skills for another industry that you may have not considered and help remove burdens, preventing you from succeeding.

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What do you need to do for it to work?

The most important thing you should do when hiring a career coach is to do it without any prejudice and be open for new ideas. Some of today’s methods for job searching, including social media, may sound unreliable or useless to many people, but with the right guidance, they can be turned into an advantage for them.

It is important that there is trust between you and your career coach, in order to have a better perception of what they have to offer. To build this type of relationship with your coach, careful selection according to factors you consider important is crucial.

How to choose the right coach?

There are two ways to find a career coach- through an agency, or looking for freelancers. The choice depends on if a priority is certificates and credentials, where agencies are the best option, or if you are looking for a more personal approach by someone who may not be that educated, but is experienced.

Also consider the type of coaching you need for your job search, where it can be a career management coach, a career transition coach, international career counsellor or electronic career management coach. Those are the main 4 types of advising that people can receive, depending on their objectives.

  • General job search purposes

    Career management coach
  • If you want to change your job or career field but don’t know how and where to start

    Career transition coach
  • If you want to pursue your career in a foreign country but need help to apply

    International career counsellor
  • If you wish to pursue electronic and online channels for your job search

    Electronic career manager

There are many other types of coaching, depending on qualifications and education and thorough research is needed to find the best choice for your needs.

Regardless of what you have decided, always consider certification and accreditation of your career couch and dig for testimonials. They don’t guarantee anything but you can get an overview of their success rates with other customers and build up your expectations from there.

Career Coaching May Be The New Hit For A Successful Job Search

How much does it cost?

Since there is saturated competition in the career consulting business, prices vary according to a few factors- if you have chosen an agency or a freelancer, do they have credentials, are they new to the business or widely recognised and how long would you need to work with them.

Agencies tend to provide slightly lower rates, but you will rarely be able to get a close relationship, since you may be talking to different agents. On the other hand, background check and testimonials are easier to find for agencies. 

Freelance coaches will determine their rates according to their field of expertise and industry involved. They are much easier to negotiate with but make sure you have a formal contract and proof of their qualifications to justify rates.

Career coaching prices may vary between £90-£500 per session, but with longer commitment and signed contract, prices can go down to per session.

It is also possible to attend a course in career counselling with a group of people with similar struggles, where during coaching everyone has the opportunity to exchange experience and help each other by teamwork and mutual guidance. Courses are usually also cheaper than personal coaching, with a duration between 6 months-1 year.

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Career coach misconceptions

If you are considering going to a career coach for help, make sure that you don’t have unrealistic expectations. These are the most common misconceptions when it comes to coaching:

  • Finding a job is guaranteed

    They are specialists, not miracle workers and their aim is only to guide you to the wanted career. However, you may not get the desired results right away, or not manage to land your dream job, but that is of no blame to your coach.
  • They will do all the work for you

    They are able to assists you, practice and review applications for you, but don’t expect them to write your CV or send out job applications instead of you. The whole process is up to you and a coach is responsible to keep you motivated and support your decisions.
  • Career coaching is a scam

    While there might be some non-legit coaches out there, many people have dedicated their time and education to become professionals in the area and as long as you manage to find the right one for your needs, the can be beneficial to your career development.