Career Advice: 7 Keys to the Successful Job Interview

Job search these days has turned into a battlefield, even for the well-educated and experienced employees. The criteria and expectations are high, the job openings few and you have to really shine brighter than anyone to ensure yourself a job. But what are the most important things to take into consideration? Many rely on their education and experience- it’s definitely an advantage to have it, but employers reveal many other factors that play a huge role in your performance. In this article we will talk about the giant decision maker in your job search- the Interview.

Many of us underestimate the importance of the job interview and then wonder what went wrong when we didn’t get the job. Truth is, succeeding at an interview is very tricky- you have to prepare well, but also be careful not to overdo it. There are a few principles you need to follow and the rest is entirely up to you. But there’s no need to panic! Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to nail that interview step by step.

    • Realise the importance:

If you get called for an interview, it means one thing- they are interested in you. You have passed all the previous evaluation stages and now they want to see you to finalise their opinion of you. But don’t be too self-confident, it’s not a sure thing. Your performance will influence their decision and it can go either way. Go further so you know what to watch out for.

    • Show responsibility:

When you get a proposal for a date and time for the interview, carefully consider it. Make sure that you don’t accept if you have any other responsibilities at the time. This may seem minor or unimportant to you but the arrangement you make is the first impression your prospective employer has of you as a person. If you accept and then reschedule several times, or are distracted and don’t know when you’ll be free, then they’ll assume that you are as disorganised as that with your working duties.

    • Do your homework:

This one is pretty obvious, you should know everything about the company, the staff and their activities before you go in. For some extra credit if you want to impress them, research their recent projects, find something unique and extraordinary that they are doing and emphasise on it. This way they will know that you are really excited about working for them for sure.

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    • Take the organisational structure into account:

Make sure you are aware of how things are done in that company. Find out who the person interviewing will be, his position and most importantly, the organisational structure and relations. You must know if it’s flat-everyone is equal, you can easily access the CEO and be informal around your authorities, or hierarchical- everyone has their own “level” and you have to be very formal in your relations with the people higher up than you. This will give you a great hint on how to impress the interviewer- should you call him by his last name and show your respect, or be friendly and relaxed in your communication.

    • Manage all the practical things:

As you might guess, never be late, dress properly and always have something to write on with you. Those are the things that won’t push you up towards the job position, but will definitely show that you are a responsible, self-contained individual.

    • Talk only when asked:

Some employers will spend half of the interview to talk about their company and its achievement and you have to let them. Be a good listener, take notes and never interrupt. Even if you know this information, don’t imply it or start talking about the company yourself because it’s plain rude. When they ask you a question, you answer in a simple and clear manner and wait for the next one. Your interviewer is probably a busy person and if you talk too much, there’s a big chance that they won’t ask you all the questions they had because of lack of time.

    • Predict all the questions and be ready with an answer:

Of course what seals the deal is how you answer the questions given. Regardless of how prepared you are, sometimes you can be up for a surprise. Try to figure out what you’re most scared of to be asked on the interview and come up with an answer. Other than that see the trickiest interview questions and how to deal with them below. Interview Questions _770x 1122 (1) (1) (1)

So now you have it: the 7 keys to a successful job interview! Try to follow all of them and even if you don’t get the job for some other reasons, you will make a good impression to the interviewer and you can be considered for another opening in the future! If you don’t manage to get the job, you can always consider working and making money from home.