Increase Your Working From Home Productivity With Music

Can Music Really Help You When Working From Home?


Whether music actually improves your productivity when you work from home is an important question to answer, since today listening to music has increasingly become a part of our working sessions habits. What we want to know is: does music really make you more productive? Helps you stay focused? Increases your creativity? Or is all that a placebo? Researches have shown that music can actually make you more productive, more focused and more creative, which will help you in your daily work at home. 

The most important aspect to take into account when evaluating the ability of music to increase the output of our work, is how immersive is the activity we are engaged in. The topic has been widely analyzed and researches suggest that when the task is repetitive and clearly outlined, than the effect of music is positive.

Studies have gone further and determined that what is improving your productivity is not the music itself but rather the improved mood that the music inspires in you.

The Effect of Music on Your Work

On the other side, when the task you are carrying out is complex and you have to use memory, music makes it more difficult. As a matter of fact, when it comes to memorizing new info or procedures, any form of distraction is undesirable, and music makes no exception.

Music absorbs too much of your attention in those cases. Researches have shown that a moderate noise level can boost creativity but too much noise has the opposite effect, so music with a lot of highs and lows should be avoided. As you can easily imagine, deep basses and “party music” can boost your energy, but more mellow sounds are better when you need to concentrate. You have to keep this information in mind when you are working from home, and are choosing some working music.

Lyrics are the part of music that is mostly dangerous for your focus because they activate the central part of your brain, the one dedicated to language. Music with lyrics is ok when the task to perform does not involve language, like drawing or designing. So if you are working with numbers for example you can listen to music with lyrics.

Another intuitive yet interesting finding is that listening to music you are not familiar with can have a negative effect on your focus because you’ll listen closely to hear what is next , and that why when you are working from home, you should go with the good old classics.

The Best Music for Home Productivity


Classical Music

Classical music is probably the most popular choice when looking for a background to your work at home, especially pieces characterized by mellow and delicate sounds. As argued before, the lack of lyrics makes it safe for your concentration. Moreover, studies have demonstrated that Baroque music has a measurable positive impact on productivity.

Electronic Music

Electronic music is another example of music that can be pleasurable yet unobtrusive. All of its sub-genres - ambient, chillout, … - are characterized by one thing: they have repetitive melodies, and this is a good quality for a music that has to help you focus.

No Music

Remember that despite all our considerations and the scientific claim that music can help your productivity, each one of us is different, and for some the sound of silence is the best work companion, when you're at home. If the task is demanding a lot of your attention, or if you simply enjoy working in silence, just try to set a work from home environment as quiet as possible.speaker-music-productivity.jpg