Listen To Music And Eliminate Procrastination While Working From Home

Perhaps you’re familiar with situations when you sat down to start working only to find your mind blank or distracted. It is so easy to procrastinate when you work from home. After all, the only person you’re accountable to is yourself. Most of us are acquainted with the feelings of guilt that come from knowing that we haven’t had a productive day. So, how can you avoid wasting precious time and motivate yourself to get things done? 

A powerful way to increase your productivity and fight through distractions when you are working from home is listening to music. Research shows that by listening to uplifting music you can considerably improve your mood and boost your overall happiness in just two weeks. You are also more likely to finish off your tasks fast and generate great ideas easily. Music can elevate your energy level and get you into the ‘I can do anything’ mindset, which will help you in your everyday job at home.

A research by Mindlab International revealed that nine out of 10 workers perform better when listening to music. Listening to music boosts office morale and creativity, and leads to happier employees. According to Peter Quily who coaches adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD), music helps his patients focus especially when they are completing boring tasks.

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When working from home, choosing the right kind of music is key

Search for music that will help stimulate your creative work, lift you up and ignite new ideas. Faster music will give you more energy and heighten your awareness, while slower music will make you feel calmer and relaxed. Opt for mellow tunes when engaging in deep work at home that requires concentration and avoid songs with lyrics while writing complex texts.

Kick-start your day the rock star way with energetic tunes of rock or punk music. It’ll give you an adrenaline boost and get you ready for a day of productivity. Listen to dance music when you want to get things done fast and feel great instantly. Latino music, in particular, can effectively eliminate any symptoms of fatigue.

If your work needs attention to detail, choose classical music. Generally, instrumental music without lyrics such as jazz and flamenco will get your creative juices flowing. Scientists recommend pop music to get mindless tasks out of the way, while ambient music is supposedly the best for solving equations. Video game soundtracks and film scores - composed with the intention to keep the audience engaged and in-the-moment, without being too distracting - are ideal when you are working on a difficult project or preparing for a presentation. Therefore, there are a lot of different music you can choose from. 
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Get in the productivity zone with these online tools

Scientifically optimized to increase concentration and productivity, [email protected] delivers various ‘attention amplifying’ music channels that soothe your brain’s limbic system, boosting your attention span and general focus, which will help you when you are working from home.

Search the ‘productive category’ and get work done with 8tracks. Similar to Spotify, 8tracks allows users to create playlists and stream them in a legal, radio-style manner, as well as follow others who make compelling mixes. Get-Work-Done-Music, designed in a very minimalistic way, is a free browser-based music service that streams music you can listen to while working.

Finally, Rainy Mood is one the most popular ambient noise websites on the Internet. It simulates the sound of a rain and helps you study, relax and sleep. Other similar ambient noise websites include Coffitivity, Showertime, and Soundrown.

Once in a while, remember to take music breaks. Your brain will thank you if you periodically change the input it receives. Turning the music off for five minutes every hour or changing the tunes will refresh your brain and help you refocus, on the work you are doing at home.