Our Favorite Movie Characters Who Are Working From Home (Part I)

Work from Home Lessons from the Movies


Scene -from -Vicky -Cristina -002

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This Woody Allen masterpiece tells a story of two friends holidaying in Barcelona who got involved with Juan Antonio, a seductive and celebrated painter. He shares a passionate but volatile relationship with ex-wife and fellow painter, Maria Elena. They are shown on several scenes creating their works of art in their home workshop, at times, at the garden and own darkroom.

Take-away lesson: The solitude of a home environment nurtures optimal creativity and productivity. Just like the characters in this movie, many artists and creative professionals consider their homes a haven for inspiration, self-discovery and inner peace. Your home, besides being the cheapest base for freelancing business, is undoubtedly the best place to let your hair down, get your hands dirty and even have your hair splattered with paint, when you want to do some creative work from home.

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Sex and The City

Carrie Bradshaw, the designer-shoe-loving New York writer bluntly writes a weekly column on her personal conquests of love, sex and relationships, from her home where she's working. She is the epitome of career fulfilment, a work-life balance and inimitable fashion moments. She is often shown at her apartment pensively typing away her latest relationship mishaps and musings.

Take-away lesson:Carrie reminds us that when things become overwhelming, be it with work or personal life, it is important to allow yourself to have a downtime to refresh and recharge. While it is easy to get absorbed with the tasks you are working on from home, be sure that you still take the time to socialise, meet your friends...or even have a Cosmopolitan à la Bradshaw!

Jack -Torrance

The Shining

Stephen King’s classic is a story about a former teacher and writer, Jack Torrance who moved into the mountain-locked Overlook Hotel where he has been hired as a winter caretaker. Jack, being a family man, takes his wife and son along to keep him company through the long cold nights. Things start to take a troubling turn when he becomes too obsessed with his work, teetering him to the brink of insanity and demonic possession.

Take-away lesson: The movie’s famous tagline “All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy” perfectly sums up the lesson of this film. Regardless what caused Jack to lose his mind - case of cabin fever or evil spirits, the fact remains that isolation is not good for you - not even when you are working from home. Working alone is good for focus but if there is no relief from your own thoughts, you can lose contact with reality and strange things may happen! It is vital to take breaks to avoid burnout.

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The _speechThe King’s Speech

The biopic of England’s King George VI, a stutterer, who seeks the treatment of unorthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue. Being non-native, Lionel does not bend to the usual formalities and insists on working from his eccentrically decorated home office. A good portion of the film takes place at Lionel’s home where he makes the soon-to-be king come for sessions, eventually leading to the two’s unlikely friendship.

Take-away lesson: The best thing about working from home and having your own office is the freedom to decorate it however you wish to do so. Not everyone is lucky to have their own space, so take advantage of being able to incorporate elements that trigger inspiration and productivity.

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