Paid Online Surveys: Top 3 Autofill and Password Management Tools

Looking for ways to simplify your life?

Filling out online forms is something we all do. Whether we are logging into a shopping account, booking flight tickets, buying a product or signing up for a new website, online forms are part of our daily life. Besides of having to remember dozens of passwords, typing out the same information over and over is a waste of precious time.

Fortunately, there are cool tools that automatically fill in these forms for you and save your time. In addition to increasing your productivity when you are doing online paid survers, these password managers keep your personal data more secure. They record your most important data and backup sensitive information for bank accounts, debit/credit cards, contacts, addresses and more. All you have to do is click the autofill button and all boxes in your online form will be filled out in an instant.

If you are looking for productive ways to fill out paid onlien surveys, then check out these time-tested password management tools.


Last Pass Publish

LastPass is a powerful and flexible password manager. It remembers and securely stores all of your passwords and usernames and effectively handles online form filling tasks, for example when you are going to fill out personal information in the paid online surveys.

LastPass keeps all your data in a vault which you can access and edit with your master password anytime. The premium version goes beyond the basics and gives access to a very broad mobile device support as well as multifactor authentication options, priority assistance, and tools for locked-down computers.

LastPass Premium also recommends the best plugin package for your operating system and browsers.It takes inventory of any insecure passwords in your system and includes a password generator with suggestions for strong passwords. It allows to set up a profile for each credit card, family member, billing and shipping address so you can complete various forms with a single click.

The basic version is free, the premium version costs $12 per year.  



RoboForm is a top-rated password management tool and form-filling software. RoboForm makes it easy to capture and apply passwords and lets you complete online forms, such as paid online surveys, with little effort. The tool also recognizes the exact URLs of the sites you log into and thus protects you from phishing attempts tricking you into visiting fake sites constructed to look like the real deal.

RoboForm saves any personal information, such as names, addresses and birthdays allowing you to automatically fill in tedious online forms with just one click. This makes RoboForm an ideal tool for online shopping, entering contests, or submitting resumes and it has never been easier and faster to fill out paid online surveys.

RoboForm uses industry-leading encryption technology which stores your passwords, with one Master password serving as your encryption key. The premium version instantly synchronises access to your personal data across multiple PCs and platforms and allows automated login via any browser. A basic version is available for free, while the popular RoboForm Everywhere costs $9.95 for the first year. A more advanced version RoboForm2Go costs $39.95. 



With Dashlane's auto-login you will never have to type any password on any of your devices again. Dashlane rates high in expert reviews and like the previous password management software, Dashlane offers a range of services including secure password sharing, emergency password recovery or automatic password changer.

Dashlane tracks your online payments, saves your receipts and screenshots of your purchases and works like your digital wallet. With Dashlane' autofill you don't have to waste time checking if your forms are filled right, which makes it much more easy to fill out paid online surveys.

The company boldly claims that Dashlaners save up to 50 hours a year by using this tool. The free version works on one device, Mac or PC only, while Dashlane Premium works on multiple devices and backs up account details to encrypted servers that only you can unlock. Dashlane Premium costs $39.99 per year and allows unlimited login shares with other users, online access to your passwords, instantly synchronizes all of your devices and offers priority customer support.