The 15 Struggles Only Working From Home People Will Understand

15 Hilarious but accurate downsides of telecommuting

The 15 Struggles Only Working From Home People Will Understand

Working from home is something that many could only dream of. The perks are great but there are also some problems that telecommuters have to face. Does your colleague sit on your keyboard when you have to use them? Can you not stop munching because the fridge is too close?

These quirky problems are perhaps the only downsides to telecommuting. If you work from home, you can totally to relate to these: 

1) “I think some company is overdue. I've started talking to the pictures on the walls”


2) You bought the most gorgeous shoes but you got nowhere to wear them


3) Your pet is like that annoying coworker that comes over to your desk for a chat when you’re in the middle of getting your work done and will not take hint that you're busy


4) You forgot what pants feel like because you have long boycotted them


5) You may not have the best assistant but he is definitely the cutest. You simply cannot get good help these days


6) You are replaceable. You turn around for a minute and someone else is already on your desk

7) That really confusing time when you cannot decide if you should have another cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine when you just have a few hours left to work


8) Either your computer is holding you hostage or your associate is too cute. Focusing is a feat!


9) Having a co-worker that is such a bad influence: the laziness is infectious


10) Your big office move day means from couch to porch


11) It’s 11 am and you are still in pyjamas. Mum, would not approve!


12)  Working from home supervision be like..


13) There’s a reason Bring your Kids to work day is not an everyday thing 


14) You take too many trips to the fridge because it is just a few steps away 


15) Hooray, it’s Friday!!!


-Oh wait, I am a blogger.