Working From Home With a Child: Working Mum Numbers Reach Record High

Work is hard when your assistant needs a diaper change

As from 2014, based on statistical information from the ONS, the general belief is that the number of stay at home mums is decreasing, since more mothers are joining the employed part of the women population. According to the ONS, the percentage of economically inactive women has dropped by nearly 4% since 2003. But does that draw an accurate picture and what is the impact of women who work from home on these numbers?

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Source: ONS Economic inactivity of women by reason: Published 2014

As the statistics show, a woman needs to work for one hour a week to be considered economically active. So the declining numbers of inactive women can be justified with the growing amount of people, engaged with part-time jobs. Working from home has also been a boom in the past years and regardless if you are self-employed or not, it is enough to be statistically employed. 

Out of the 25.4% of economically inactive mothers,18% claim that the reason for this is because they are looking after a child or other family member and thus- not seeking employment. Because of the development in the society there is a lot of options, where stat-at-home moms have the opportunity to work from home, and still look after a child or a family member.

Further more these statistics prove that the integration of technology and the flexibility of the modern employer have impacted on the labour market in the UK, with mothers having the opportunity to work part-time, primarily from home, and still not neglect their motherly duties.

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If you are one of these women and would like to earn extra money or work from home, there are other things that you should know in order to be successful.

Working from home is the key for finding the right balance between your work life and your child, but is it that easy in practice?
Many mothers find it troubling to focus on work or find a quiet place when looking after their children, especially if they are below 2 years old. And it’s understandable- you have to constantly monitor your toddler’s actions, keep them engaged and satisfied.

However, there are things every stay at home mum can do to keep up with her duties as a mother and still get the tasks done when she is working from home:

    • Quit stressing over a schedule

      While planning is very important to keep your workflow going, when you have a child running around, it may backfire. Kids have fluctuating needs that may be hard to fit into a tight daily schedule, so make sure you can comply with them, even when you are working from home.

      Depending on if you are self-employed or not, determine a number of hours you need to spend on work and adjust them to your motherly duties. One day you may spend 3 hours of work in the morning, while another you may want to take your child for a walk or a play day. Be flexible towards those needs so you don’t limit your child’s activities to playtime while you work.

    • Work off-hours

      The good things about working with children is that they spend most of their day sleeping, depending on the age, or they at least nap during the afternoon. Take advantage of nap time, so you can be fully concentrated on your work. Waking up earlier than your child in the morning, or working at home after they go to bed will give you some quiet time and boost your productivity and concentration.

      Something mothers usually do during nap time is clean the house up or do chores, but this is something you can do while your child is active, so don’t waste those precious hours and get to work!

    • Be mobile

      Children love outdoor activities and so do working moms! Don’t be afraid to take your child to the playground and bring your laptop with you- changing environment will give them a fun day out and a productivity boost for you.

    • Use all your resources

      If you are a stay at home mother, you probably have a network of other mums who are in the same boat. So why not take advantage of it? Transfer childcare to another mom a couple of times a week so you can focus on your work at home entirely and then return the favour to them by taking the kids out in the weekend. It’s a win-win for both of you, since you will have free time only for yourself that you are deprived of otherwise.

So for all economically inactive mothers- don’t hesitate and start doing some work at home!