4 Films Featuring Students Working Part-Time

Good Will Hunting Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, is a young caretaker who happens to be a mathematical genius. A teacher who understand his talent helps him out of trouble with the police and insists that he studies mathematics under his supervision. The film shows how the 20 year old manages to overcome the psychological problems of his childhood with the help of a psychologist played by Robin Williams.

Lesson: until you find your passion and people understands your skills, you can have a part-time job to save some money. Do not despair, with time success will come!Good -will -hunting -oral -history -2

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The Social Network

The film tells the story of Facebook creation in 2003 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg.The original idea was called Facemash: a platform to describe how good looking college classmates were. The idea for Facebook came shortly after that. The movie shows the copyright problems between Mark and 3 other students of the same university.

Lesson: if you're bored in school or while studying, why not spend some time with your passions and try to turn them into a business? You never know when a brilliant idea like Facebook can come up The -Social -Network -2010

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Napoleon Dynamite

The 2004 independent movie portrays the  life of a high-school student, Napoleon. Napoleon spends hours drawing and imagining life as the characters he has in his head. At school he befriends Pedro, an exchange student, and Deb, a girl who sells handcrafted items made herself, in addition to other activities to save money for college. The friendship story is kind of cliché, but nevertheless it is an entertaining and somehow bizarre movie.

Lesson: if you need some extra cash, do as Deb and sell items you no longer use, or any kind of crafts you know how to make. C 2326490-d 329-0131-83e 0-46d 868aa 7e 92

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The Sitter

This American comedy shows Noah, a reluctant and disorganised college student played by Jonah Hill. His mother asks, or rather forces him to be a babysitter, and all kind of crazy thing happen to the poor guy!

Lesson: caring for children can be a good option if you want to earn some extra money. You need to have patience and be lucky enough not to end up with baby monsters like in the movie! 17701

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