5 Lessons for a Successful Self-Employed

High level of unemployment in recent times is one of the main reasons of the increase in self-employed workers, people who want to be their own boss and work from home. We give you some tips to be a successful freelancer.

Keep up to date your industry knowledge and your skills

For people working in an office it’s normal to have seminars and talk to others in the sector, thus learning the latest developments in the sector in which they are specialized. But if you work from home, it's easy to get left behind.

You must try to prevent this from happening and keep yourself informed about what goes on in your industry. It is also important not to get left behind with the skills that your colleagues might be gaining. Use the internet to stay updated and touch with people in your same industry and when you are working from home, you should do an effort to not isolate yourself.

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Pay attention to your network of contacts

When you are looking for a job, when you already have one or you are looking for customers and clients, it is important to have an updated LinkedIn profile to be in contact with people in your industry. Try to make your profile stand out- If you want to expand your network of contacts, participate in seminars or events in your city to meet others working in your sector.

Remember that networking is the most important practice in the job market and it can really make the difference when you’re looking for a job. At the same time you need to keep in touch with people you already know and with whom you've worked before. You never know when you might need their help again. Especially when you are working from home it is important to keep up with the people in the indudstry. 


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You need to be alert and respond quickly

Customers are impatient and sometimes seek fast solutions to their problems. You need to respond in a timely manner in order not to miss your opportunity. Respond quickly also shows your interest in working and your willingness to help your client when needed. It will also be easier to respond clients faster when you are working from home because they have your full attention. 

Sets limits

Unless you want to go crazy, it is necessary that you set limits for your customers. The fact that you work from home does not mean you can call any time of day. You need to communicate with them what your working hours are and when you can be contacted. Your customers must also understand your time constraints. You need to explain how much work you can do and a reasonable deadline for it.

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Do not give up your social life

When you work from home it is easy to lose your office work rhythm and routines. The start and end time are not clear and it may happen that you finish your working day after the rest of your friends. You should try to prevent this from happening and have rather fixed schedules, similar to those of people around you.

It is also good to have a break from work to recharge your energy and to serve as inspiration and motivation. Although it may not seem so, having a social life besides work is essential because working from home can be lonely sometimes.