6 Ways to Have a Fun Day Outdoor With Your Friends Without Breaking The Bank

Almost everyone has been in a position where we want to go out but make up excuses to avoid spending money on unnecessary things. Many will feel ashamed to ask their friends or tell them the real reason why they stay home, but your financial situation shouldn’t stand in the way of your social contacts and friendships. Here are 6 tips for a win-win situation.

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6 tips to go out without spending much money

1. Try not to spend so much on alcohol

Often when going out with friends, we spend a lot of money on expensive drinks, which can easily be reduced. Instead of leaving a small fortune at the bar, change the strategy- start off at someone’s home with home-made cocktails, so then when you go to a bar, you would spend less.

You should also set a limit, or an ‘alcohol budget’, so you would know when you need to stop ordering cosmopolitans like crazy. Enough is enough and every financially savvy person should be aware of how much they can afford to spend on their drinks.

If you don’t feel comfortable setting limits for yourself, especially regarding your favorite cocktail, do some research with your friends on which and when bars have happy hours, birthdays or other events, where you can benefit from free or discounted drinks.


2. Take advantage of free activities in your city

Depending on the city you live in, you can find many different free activities to have fun with without breaking the bank. There is something for everyone- museums, exhibitions, outdoor concerts or sporting events.

There are some free fields and venues that have days, dedicated to sports, where you can gather and play your favorite sports activities. At some places you can even enjoy an outdoor cinema or a local movie and theatre festival.

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3. Avoid unnecessary shopping

Many of us have the destructive addiction of buying everything that’s on sale, regardless if we need it or not. Sometimes when we are with friends, we get influenced by them and get into the shopping mood in no time.

By the time you realise, you go home with 5 new T-shirts, a pair of shoes and a jacket that you never needed. It is easy to get tempted by offers and let euphoria take over, but try to avoid shopping or mall activities with friends, since it makes it easy to lose your right judgement.


4. Choose lunches instead of dinners

If you want to enjoy a meal with your squad, make it a lunch. Many restaurants have great lunch or buffet offers, which are a lot more price worthy than evening ones. The evening is the busiest time of the day and therefore- prices are higher.

If you really want to go out and have bite with an old friend, take advantage of the cheaper lunch prices and enjoy the sun in the meantime. Or you can always get creative and organise a picnic.

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5. Stay indoors

Outdoor activities automatically mean spending, but you can have as much fun at home. Gather friends and organize a movie or game night, cook a wonderful homemade meal together or even throw a party.

There’s a bonus on this one- you can forget about stressing over outfits, makeup or hair- your friends won’t care and there’s noone to impress. The opportunities are endless!

6. Share transportation costs

Even if you find a cheap activity, getting there can still cause budget trouble. If one of your group has a car you can always carpool and share gas costs. Moreover, if the weather is nice and you are into it, take a walk or a bike trip- you will have more fun, spend nothing and exercise at the same time!

Going out with a limited budget is definitely a bummer but using those 6 tips and your creativity, you will never make up excuses to stay at home ever again!