Boost Your Working Productivity With The Perfect Breakfast

Good breakfast, good concentration!

Every day we are suffocated with information on healthy lifestyle and exposed to different theories of what type of eating habits we should adopt. This debate can go on forever but what we know is that breakfast still is the most important meal of the day. Morning rush can be exhausting and stressful for all of us, but you don't have those stressful mornings when you work from home. So you have more time to do a perfect breakfast there increase your productivity for the rest of the day where you are working from home.

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Brain Power: Stay Focused!

When you are working from home chances are your brain will constantly be occupied and pressured with a lot of information to remember. Therefore, you will have to keep it in shape to be productive enough to perform well and doing a good job from home. Any tedious task can be easily and quickly completed with the right amount of concentration.

So what foods does your brain need to become more focused? Below are the most important nutritional ingredients for optimal concentration:

  • Berries

    They contain a combination of different antioxidants that help you improve your memory. Moreover, fruits from the berry family are known to be a huge boost for your immune system, making you less vulnerable to seasonal sicknesses.
  • Eggs

    They contain vitamin B-5 which also has a positive effect on your memory. An egg can help improve your memory but also to increase your reaction ability. Not to mention that it is a great source of natural protein to complement your diet.
  • Yoghurt

    It is all times known as a healthy food. Yoghurt contains various minerals but also proteins and its effects are overall beneficial for your body but also for your digestion.
  • Coffee

    Caffeine can also contribute to a good concentration especially if you work a lot on a computer. It has been proven that in addition to the required caffeine that enhances your memory, tea also protects against spasm of the eyelids. However, if overdosed, coffee can have a negative effect on your productivity levels, so proceed with caution before having your third cup of coffee today.
  • Dark chocolate

    Natural chocolate contains antioxidants and endorphins (happiness hormones) which increase productivity and concentration and also have a positive effect on your overall well-being and happiness.


Work better with the perfect breakfast recipe

If you choose the above foods to include in your breakfast, you will give you body the necessary energy that it needs to function in the morning, so you can be productive when you are working from home. Eating breakfast regularly also has a positive impact on your weight, makes your metabolism speed increase and reduces the chance of overeating during the day.

Overall, what is a good, delicious and of course healthy breakfast? Here are our top 3 suggestions, including combinations of the above focus-friendly products.

Yoghurt with berries and granola

As we said before, yoghurt contains the necessary proteins and minerals and when combined with berries it turns into a superfood for your brain, which is much needed when you are working from home. You can always add other types of fruits of your choice, such as bananas, mango or apples.

But since berry yoghurt may not give you that full feeling until lunch time, adding some muesli or oatmeal can be a great solution to complement your breakfast. Oatmeal is low in added sugar and rich in healthy carbohydrates and fibres, which are very important for healthy digestion.


Honey porridge and coffee

Although porridge for breakfast might not sound like the most appetising meal of the day, it has its perks. It’s perfect for the morning rush, since it is easy and fast to prepare and the taste is entirely up to you. You can add all your favourite ingredients to adjust it to you liking and our suggestions would be honey and cinnamon.

Honey can give you a good amount of natural sugar to regulate your blood sugar and has antibacterial qualities, while cinnamon is great for people with a history of high blood pressure. Combine this delicious meal with a cup of strong unsweetened coffee to make a contrast and you will soon be ready to work from home. 

An egg sandwich with avocado

This is the healthy alternative of the grilled cheese sandwich and the bagel. Use wholegrain or rye bread, top it with a slice of cheese and a sliced boiled or poached egg. You can switch the variations to your taste with adding ham, using mozzarella instead of regular cheese, etc. An avocado salad is the perfect finish of this meal, since it will give you a good amount of healthy Omega 3 fats.
This is a perfect combo because the bread will give you your breakfast starches, calcium from the cheese, protein from the egg and fat from the avocado. All you need is a sweetened cup of coffee and you’re good to go!