Brain Food- Keep Your Work Quality Spot On

Boost your brain activity with these top foods

Just like your body needs certain nutrients to function properly and be healthy, the same goes for your brain. Its condition can determine if you will feel worn out and fatigue, or energised and enthusiastic.

We have already covered which foods make you more productive during your work day and now here’s our list of what you should eat if you want a healthy and excellent working brain.

How to keep your brain fit?

It is scientifically proven that a person’s diet very much affects their overall brain development and eating some foods over others can be beneficial to a faster and more creative thinking. Working long hours is another burden to optimal brain functioning, but here is what you can include in your diet right now to ensure better brain work.

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1. Stick to whole grains

Whole grain breads, oatmeal and brown rice/pasta are a hit within nutritionists but they are also very beneficial for your brain. This is because they consists of complex high-quality carbohydrates, which supply you with energy and in the same time have a positive effect on body functions.

Those carbs are gradually released into the body, ensuring continuous effect on the brain. Absorbing of complex carbs leads to a larger amount to serotonin in the body, which is also the ‘happiness hormone’ and effects on your mental condition as well.

Also the consumption of those exact foods will help prevent stress and help the brain achieve better concentration. Eating those foods will help you get productive and enthusiastic for a long time, because of the energy they supply.

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2. Eat healthy fats

Fats aren’t always the enemy, if you choose the right kind it can be a great supplement to your diet and a brain booster! However, choose polyunsaturated fats, which drive up your energy but also support brain cell collaboration, leading to a better memory.

But it doesn’t stop here either. Those kinds of fats help you reduce the bad cholesterol levels in your body and lower the risk of heart attack or various cardiovascular diseases. Who would’ve thought that fat can be good for you?

You can find such nutrients in many natural foods, including meat and vegetarian, so everyone can have easy access to them. The most popular sources are oils (soybean, sunflower, walnut, corn), fish (salmon, trout, herring) and dried fruit.

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3. Snack on nuts

As this list may sound to you like a diet plan you would hear everywhere else, there is a reason that nutritionists put some products in every meal plan they ever make. Suc products, like nuts, have a huge nutritional value and are also a brain helper.

Nuts contain healthy fats that you should not deprive yourself of and a huge amount of vitamin E, helping you keep concentration, even at a late stage of your life. The best nuts that you can consume include brazil nuts, cashews and almonds.

However, keep in mind that raw nuts are different from baked ones, as with baking they lose much of their vitamin and nutrition value. They are also salted, so to get the best out of nuts, try eating only raw ones and if you have time, soak them in water overnight and drink the water the next morning.

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4. Go fruity

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Try blueberries! They are super fruits when it comes to health impact, since they effect on various body and cognitive functions. A small portion of blueberries or others from the berry family every day can be great for your health.

Regarding brain activity, blueberries boost learning capacity and motor skills. They are also great for your memory and productivity, which makes them a perfect choice for a healthy breakfast. 

Moreover, scientists are researching blueberries further as they believe that they have a way of boosting immune system strength and slow down the development of cancer cells. Overall, blueberries should become your favourite fruit right away!

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5. Don’t stay away from chocolate

As chocolate may not be a part of your current diet because of calories, it’s restriction can badly influence your brain functions. However, befriend dark chocolate only, since it is the only kind that is completely natural and with no additives.

Chocolate induces the production of many neurotransmitters and compounds that are able to increase productivity, happiness level and mental health and give you quick energy. Organic natural chocolate is concentrated in cocoa and has no sugar, so it won’t cause a spike in blood sugar that will easily drop and make you feel fatigue.

Chocolate affects the body in the same way that blueberries and green teas do and it also has a similar to an analgesic effect, since it causes blood to flow into certain zones of the brain. So chocolate is the new aspirin!


The above foods are and should be a part of a healthy diet and they also positively affect brain functions. However, this article doesn’t imply that you should eat these products only or that they are enough to have a balanced meal plan. They are just suggestions on what you can add to your current way of eating to improve brain activity.