Coffee or Tea - Which One is Better When Working From Home?

Sometimes when you work from home it is hard to stay focused, either because you’re tired from other activities or you simply got off with the wrong foot. In those cases, coffee is for many the best aid in pushing away lack of motivation and fatigue.

Some others prefer tea, claiming that it is healthier and that it cannot turn into an addiction in the way coffee does sometimes. Both drinks include caffeine, a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. Research has shown that it increases the brain activity, affecting the areas responsible for memory and concentration.

While we will not enter into detail about which one is better for your health, let’s consider the benefits of the two beverages on your work from home productivity.

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Have a Coffee Break to Boost Your Productivity

The European Food Safety Authority assessed a large number of studies on the impact of caffeine on mental performance, and eventually stated that there is sufficient scientific evidence that caffeine increases alertness and attention. According to EFSA, numerous studies over the last decades, are the proof of the positive effects of caffeine on reaction time.

So coffee can potentially benefit situations where increased alertness is required, like a night shift, jet lag, or...a boring work session at home. Coffee effect on increasing alertness is well documented, but the same studies suggest that a higher intake of caffeine intake does not necessarily result in an additional increase in alertness. 

Having a cup of coffee or two is definitely good for your productivity, and can actually be a nice break during a work routine at home, but consuming an excessively large amount of coffee can cause insomnia, nervousness and increased heart rate. You really don’t want to experience any of this, especially when you need to be focused and relaxed while working from home!

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Sip Tea While Working From Home and Stay Calm and Focused

Coffee reputation of helping focus and waking up your brain is so big that it almost completely overshadows tea. In fact, tea contains two different components that help you focus: caffeine and l-theanine. We already discussed how caffeine improves your alertness, but what about l-theanine?

According to studies L-theanine increases alpha-wave activity, which increases tranquility and releases caffeine more slowly than it happens with coffee. The two components also have a combined effect in increasing attention and accuracy.

Despite coming all from the same plant, not all the teas are the same. The best ones are green and white tea because of their higher content of L-theanine. Buddhist monks have been drinking tea for centuries in order to stay calm yet alert during mediation session, just as you want to be when your work from home.

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