Father’s Day: Appreciate Your Dad with a Gift from Paid Online Surveys

The celebration of fathers and other father figures in the UK falls on Sunday, June 21

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Use paid online surveys to get gift cards and discount vouchers

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Give your dad a special gift on this year's Father's Day

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and other father figures in the family like grandfathers and fathers-in-law. Many countries, including the UK, celebrate this day on the third Sunday of June (therefore the date is never fixed), but many other countries celebrate the day on other days of the year.

People usually celebrate this occasion by expressing affection for their father and making a special effort to visit him, send him a card or give him a present. Some families treat their father to a special meal at a restaurant or go on a weekend trip. Popular experiences honoring father's include driving a rally car or taking a golf, football or cricket lesson with a celebrity coach. Little children often create handmade gifts for their dad. 

Picking an original gift can be difficult. Your father probably already has a full drawer of socks, a collection of 'funny' mugs and similar stuff that only collects dust. So, why not use the points you've collected on doing paid online surveys and do something really special for your father this year? The web overflows with articles suggesting cool ideas for Father's Day gifts and here are our suggestions: a home micro-brewing kit, the new generation multi-tool knife, a barbecue briefcase or a steel fire bowl, a DVD box set with his favourite TV series, an audio streaming device or a GPS, a popcorn bowl with kernel sifter, a hammock, original toiletry bag, or a Thai massage. Whether you choose to buy something or not, just remember to at least call your dad and say you think of him. The sad truth is that many dads in the UK are being completely ignored on Father's Day.