How to Dress Well on a Budget-Save Money and Still Look Stylish

Looking fabulous for less money is entirely possible

Financial struggles make it difficult to set aside money to spend on clothes, since everyone has better priorities. However, dressing well impacts on your self-esteem and often mood, so you shouldn’t neglect the importance of the right clothing.

There are many perfectly affordable brands and shops where you can find the perfect outfit without breaking the piggybank and still look elegant. To do that you need to be a smart shopper and to adapt items to fit different outfits. Follow our tips and you’ll always be happy about the way you look!

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The timeless classics

Have you found yourself often buying a dress or bad because it’s amazing and then wearing it once or twice because it’s impossible to combine with? If you think about it and take a look at your closet and all the clothes you have worn less than 10 times, you will realise how much money went to waste like this.

What you should do is invest in versatile items you can wear on many occasions. Regarding fashion, old classics never die, so there are certain things that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Little black dress

The black dress is a classic and a thing that every woman should own. It is elegant, simple but chic and most importantly- it will never go out of fashion. You can basically combine it with everything and adapt it to many occasions.

Buying a black dress instead of a print one will save you the trouble of buying additional shoes and accessories to match them up. Choose your favorite color as an accent and wear your black dress with it- it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

A pair of denim jeans

This is a classic casual attire. You can combine this piece with any color and achieve an infinite number of looks. If you want a relaxed look you can simply combine your jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers.

If you want a more elegant and formal appearance you can match with a chiffon blouse and heels. Jeans work well with absolutely everything and come in many colors and types, depending on your preferences you can go for skinny, slim, straight or boyfriend jeans.

A black blazer

It’s a very functional piece of clothing that can turn you from casual to more formal and elegant. It’s suitable for work, a walk in the mall or a night out and it would fit many of the mood swings that UK weather has.

A plain skirt

This is something that is useful during almost every season, since it can be worn and combined in different ways. If you put thick tights underneath it’s a perfect outfit for the winter and if it is black, gray or dark blue, you can wear it with almost anything.

A mini or mid-length skirt can be easily adapted to many occasions. Wear it with a simple T-shirt or blouse- you have a casual but elegant look. Combine it with a classic shirt and heels- you get a great look for your or more formal occasions.

Classic pumps

A woman shouldn’t leave her closet without a pair of simple classic pumps or stilettos. Black leather or suede versions of heels can make any pair of jeans or shirt stylish and suitable for formal occasions.

Even if high heels aren’t your thing, you never know what you will need to attend, so make sure that you have at least one paid or versatile pumps, lying around your stuff.

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Shop at the right time

At the end of every season, shops make huge sales discounts on their products to make sure they sell their current collection. They will usually start with a little offer like 20% off and might go up to 90% off on some items, since they want to free their shop for new goods. Follow those sales promotions and never buy full price clothes again.

Holiday shopping is also a great way to load your wardrobe for a long time. After the beginning of the new year, shops launch their winter sales, featuring products from the winter collection and some spring clothes as well.

The reason they do that is because they are mostly displaying old collections at ridiculously low prices. If you are not a fashion follower and buy clothes just based on your preferences, why not shop from the old collection for less money?

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Don’t neglect accessories

Accessories can make or break any outfit.Once you have the timeless classic above, you can spice everything up with the right accessories. Depending on your mood, adding accessories can turn you from formal to extravagant and from casual to fun.

Belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or scarves can make a huge difference when it comes to recycling an old outfit to a new style. Plus, accessorizing will add your personal touch, which is something you can’t earn otherwise, even if wearing the latest designer clothes.

Bags are the king of accessories and there are 3 kinds of them that you should own- a big, practical bag for everyday adventures, a backpack for sporting activities and picnics, and a small flirty bag for nights out when you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. Their color can vary, but always rely on the neutral ones so you can combine them with anything.

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Visit thrift stores and flea markets

This is for people with more time and patience. Those shops are usually swamped with different things and you need to spend a fair share of time looking through them. However, it’s very rewarding, you can find things from a fourth of their actual price.
Sometimes they would even offer high-end brands on an extremely low price, just because someone has donated it to the shop. This is a good way to wear quality and stylish clothes just for a few pounds.

Also do your homework and find the stores that have a certain standard and sell clothes in good condition only. Often these shops offer more than just clothing, you can find accessories, bags, shoes and even homeware such as curtains and table covers.

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Dress for the body you have

How many times have you bought a piece of clothing just because it’s cheap and have never taken your body shape into consideration? That is unnecessary spending and you should learn to try different items to figure out which suits you best before buying. 
If you do not know how to dress for your body type, read the following tips:

Rectangular shape

If your shoulders are aligned with your hips and you have a tiny waist, choose clothes that emphasize the waist. Use dresses that fall off the body from the waist, avoid overly skinny jeans and prints.

‘Apple’ figure

If your waist is not defined and you have more volume in the abdominal area, you must use clothing that fits more tight to your body to emphasize on your torso. V necklines are more flattering, unlike prints and ornaments. A good option for you is to wear colorful skirt or pants and stick to a dark neutral top.

Triangle figure

If your shoulders are narrow and your hips wide, try to distract the unproportional appearance with prints and pattern on the top. If you feel comfortable, use blouses with a longer cleavage line or volume sleeves, to balance your silhouette.

Inverted triangle figure

If your shoulders are broad and hips are narrow skirts, go for voluminous skirts and wider baggier pants. Avoid clothes with shoulder pads as they further highlight your shoulders.

Hourglass figure

If your shoulders and hips are proportional and your waist is well defined, always choose to emphasize on either your top or bottom, so you don’t overdo it. Use clothes that highlight your waist or tighter clothes to emphasize on your bodyline.

Short figure

If you want to seem higher use patterns of vertical thin lines, which will make you also slimmer. Avoid overly loose clothing and choose clothes that fit your body. The V-neckline and sleeveless tops will make you look taller. The skirts should be short, or at knee length.

As you see, you do not need much money to dress well. You just need to know what, how, where and when to buy and use your creativity to combine clothes and accessories to create different outfits.