Paid Online Surveys UK: Simple Way to Earn Extra Money in Retirement

If you’re like many retirees you could use a little extra money to get by.

Britain’s pension crisis forces unprecedented number of the pensioners to keep on working. Experts say the significant increase of working seniors is partly down to changing demographics and that many of them don't really want to retire. However, tens of thousands of the 65+ simply have no choice but to carry on clocking in to supplement their meagre pensions.

Figures from the ONS show that one in 10 pensioners in the UK is either working or looking for a job, including 158,000 people over 75. With limited means of making extra cash and soaring food and utility bills, the elderly are forced to work just to survive. According to the statistics some 1.6 million pensioners (13%) in the UK live below the poverty line, with incomes less than £224 per week after housing costs. Of these, 900,000 live in severe poverty.

It may not come as a surprise then that 11 percent of older people describe their quality of life as very poor, quite poor or neither good nor poor, while 26 percent say they are 'just about getting by' or finding it difficult. Some 19 percent of the elderly say that compared to last year, they are worse off, with most of them being particularly worried about the cost of living, the cost of food, and the cost of heating.  

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Tackle Britain’s pension crisis by doing paid online surveys

While doing online surveys cannot by any means substitute a regular salary from a full-time job, it is an easy and completely flexible way to earn a bit on the side. Making money by taking paid online surveys can also be a fun way to use your spare time and provide value. You don't need any special qualifications to get started right away.

Maybe you didn't realise how important it is for companies to know your opinion about their products and services. Companies, including big brands such as Adidas, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble regularly engage in market research to learn customers' opinions. By sharing your honest thoughts, you will be helping them improve their products, select the most captivating advertisements and ultimately increase their revenue. No wonder they are willing to pay you for filling out online surveys.

To get going, simply fill out the registration form on and select the survey panels you would like to work with. It may be a good idea to set-up a free email account for paid online surveys only. This way you will stay organised, prevent accidental spam filtering and never miss an interesting offer. You may also want to sign up for a free PayPal account to make online money transfers easier and get your payments faster. Another handy tip is to use an autofill tool such as RoboForm, which helps you fill out the same online forms in one click and saves your precious time. It is also wise to register with multiple paid online survey sites in order to build a steady stream of surveys into your email inbox and have a chance to earn more. To learn more about how to succeed in making money by doing paid online surveys read our other blog articles.

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Reward yourself for years of hard work

Doing paid online surveys won't solve all your financial problems, let's be honest. But it is a free, fun and simple way to supplement your pension. The amount of you get paid will vary and depend on the length and type of paid online survey you take, starting from £1 to £4. Some market research sites offer additional opportunities for rewards as well as regular prize draws. 

There are many paid online surveys you can take and many ways to spend the rewards you get for filling them out. As you reach the magic payout threshold, you will be able to exchange your points for vouchers for a broad range of UK’s popular high street and Internet shops, including Debenhams, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Boots, Topman, UNICEF, Amazon, and more.

Retirement is the time when you should be rewarding yourself for years of hard-work. It is the time to travel, to celebrate with friends and loved ones, and to pamper yourself.