Plan a London Fun-Day in June: Top 5 Summer Activities to Fit in Your Budget

Summer is most likely your favorite season and all you want to do is act like a teenager and enjoy the sun. However, organizing a fun London-day can be a hit for your budget, as most people spend far more than they had intended to. In typical Surveybee spirit, we have picked out the top 5 June activities in London and have come up with ways to avoid breaking the bank.

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Trooping the colour

13th June/ Whitehall

This is a celebration, following a very old tradition, which since 1748 has become a day to mark the birthday of the British sovereign. Today, it is celebrated on a June Saturday, marking Queen Elizabeth ll birthday, which is originally in April. Traditionally, the ceremony of Trooping the colour is held in the Whitehall and is attended by the members of the royal family, other guests and the public.
You can join the celebration to get your national spirit lifted and to enjoy a great ceremony incorporating thousands of years of national tradition.

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More London Free Festival

3 June- 24 September/ The Scoop

This is the 13th year of one of London’s greatest festivals, full of many sports, film and theater performances, which everyone can enjoy for free. If you cannot afford to see Wimbledon, don’t panic- next month the festival includes displaying Wimbledon events too! The festival takes place at The Scoop, an outdoor London venue and no booking or signing up is required, but the organizers suggest that you plan in advance and come early.

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Taste of London

17 June- 21 June/ Regent’s park

If you are a foodie, this is definitely the gig for you. It is a 5 day festival, where you can taste, learn and meet recognized names from the restaurant world. The festival has over 160 exhibitors, live cooking, wine tasting and other fun events such as the silent disco. It is not free but the tickets vary from £16 to £23 for adults, and £13 for children up to 16 years. The price is per day and you can easily check out their events and visit only the ones that you’d love!

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London Pride

21 June- 28 June/ Trafalgar Square, Soho

Join the annual biggest celebration of the LGBT community! Even if you are not part of it, it is still a way to enjoy the sun, have fun and meet new people. The festival has 3 stages, while the main one is on Trafalgar square with the culmination of events on the 27th June, where the major acts will include BLUE and Collabro.
London pride is one of the biggest nightlife events, famous with its great parties throughout the whole week. No sign up is needed and everyone can join or you can apply to be a flagbearer leading the parade.

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International Yoga day

21 June/ Shoreditch park

This is a completely free outdoor event, held in the longest day of the year. It is open to everyone, willing to try new things and aim to encourage people to engage with yoga. Only a simple sign-up is required for you to take part in the event. It is a place for the whole family, with different activities such as ‘laughter yoga’ or exercises for children.
The event is led by UK’s top yoga teachers and features different disciplines and types of exercises to fit everyone’s taste!

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Here you have the 5 top activities this month, which will keep you and your wallet happy. There’s a thing that everyone can enjoy, so start planning right away!