Six Movies That Teach How to Earn Money and Find Jobs

Not all Hollywood movies show triumphant and wealthy characters. Several dramas and comedies show characters that struggle to find a job or that experience difficult situations due to lack of money. If you need inspiration or ideas on how to earn extra money or face unemployment, keep reading and start watching these movies.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

Gabriele Muccino's film shows a bankrupt father played by Will Smith, who lost his money in a bad investment. Aiming to building a better life for himself and his son, the father shows an incredible determination and perseverance in pursuit of a job. Besides the river of tears shed during the film, at the end of the movie the viewer is filled with a sense of gratitude and inspiration.

Touching movie yet perfect if you need  a push to work harder!

Everything Must Go

A perfect role for actor Will Ferrell, who manages to entertain the audience while showing weakness and despair after losing his job and his family due to problems with alcohol. The main character decides to start selling old items he no longer uses in a garage sales and earn some money until he finally finds a way to get back on track with his life

Sell things you no longer use - like clothing or books - can be a good way to make some extra money!


The main character in the film, played by Dustin Hoffman, is an unemployed actor who decides to dress up as a woman to get a role in a soap opera.

If you are going through a period of unemployment, dare getting a bit creative to get the job of your dreams.

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Erin Brockovich

A classic film and one of the best roles played by Julia Roberts. The drama is the story of an unemployed mother that with her perseverance and strong personality, manages to get a job working for a lawyer.

Sometimes all you needed is determination and not taking no for an answer.

Baby Boom

Another film with a charming and strong female protagonist, played by Diane Keaton. It is a comedy in which an executive quits her job to adopt the young daughter of a dead relative. The love for the girl implies a radical change in her life and the business woman becomes a housewife. Nevertheless, the woman does not lose its entrepreneurial drive and manages to create a business from scratch, selling baby food made by herself.

If you have to juggle a lot of work and family responsibilities, working from home may be the solution for you, as it was for the character of this lovely 80s comedy.

Office Space

This comedy is about Milton, a worker in an office from which he was fired years ago. Milton still goes to work every day because - due to a problem in the accounting department - he still gets checks.

If you want to avoid the boredom of working in an office where you pass unnoticed, you should consider working from home and being your own boss.