The 15 Easiest Ways to Earn Extra Money

We can all use some extra money sometimes, but get discouraged by thinking it’s impossible or just very hard. Here’s the proof that nowadays earning extra money is easier than ever before- the 15 easiest ways to earn some extra cash.

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1. Paid online surveys

A simple way to earn money without much effort, is completing online surveys. It is a completely free service, a good way of earning extra income and all you have to do is sign up to receive emails with links to complete surveys.

Paid surveys can reward you in different ways- money, gift cards or sweepstake entries. Cash is received usually via PayPal to be more secure and gift cards are for the most popular shops you might be interested in, such as Next, M&S and Amazon.

It is hard to estimate how much exactly you can earn with paid surveys, but larger payouts come with more surveys taken and a built up profile. You can sign up for paid online surveys on our page and our partners will provide you with an email, specifying the type, length and prize of survey, so you can assess on your own if it is worth taking.

2. Blogging

Blogging can either be a fun way to express yourself and share your thoughts, or it can turn into a full-time job. You can start earning extra money if you either have fans of yourself, or the topic of your blog page.

Take note that blogging is a patient deal, no huge traffic will come right away and you will spend hours trying to build it. So if you want a get-rich-quick thing, look elsewhere. With blogging you can also sell advertising space if you are popular enough, but don’t make the common mistake and put ads of totally irrelevant content.

Blogging is a nice way to make money, especially if you are truly passionate about a subject. You can write and interact with people who love the same subject, share your ideas and create projects with them while getting paid. Who has a better job?

3. Sell your notes

If you are a student, here’s an opportunity to use your knowledge for something else rather than exams. All of the hours spent during semesters taking notes and studying these awfully huge books will finally pay off.

You can sell those notes to students who either have no time to study or haven’t been to lessons that much as you have. It is a win-win, since you earn some extra money and they will get huge help with their exams.

However, remember that you need to be genuine about this. If you are a bad student trying to sell notes it is dishonest behaviour. Do this mainly to help your fellow students and earn a little extra money- but don’t just try to sell anything to get cash flowing.

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4. Tutor

Similar as selling your notes, you can also sell your knowledge! Many students struggle with some subjects and cannot afford to pay an actual tutor. This is where you can come in and help out your classmates with their homework or exam preparation.

Of course you wouldn’t be able to charge full tutor rate if you don’t have accreditations, but you can still help out and earn some extra money. There are many ways you can tutor, either individually or in a group, but have in mind that one-on-one sessions pay better, while in group classes, with the same time investment, more money can come from interested students.

Another option is to target elderly people and have tech lessons, like using a computer or smartphone. Most of them are not familiar with technology at all, so with big patience and good computer and technology skills, this may also be a good earning option.

5. Write and publish a book

While this is not for everyone, if you have a flare for writing, this may be a great opportunity. Whatever genre you are good at, even if you’re not able to find a publisher, eBooks are very trending right now.

Find a topic that you are passionate about and share your knowledge or imagination. And don’t get scared- a book doesn’t have to be 800+ pages or be the next Harry Potter.

You can just as easily write a guide, travel book or anything you’re interested in and manage to find the right people to read it. People have various interests and you are not alone in anything you like, so why not give it a try and earn some extra money?

6. Sell your social skills

Recently, a new trend has emerged, which is great for people with large social media following. Companies and brands are willing to pay individuals to promote their products on their channels, provided that they have a solid network.

There are also websites where you can register, connect all your social accounts and present yourself to companies, looking for marketers. Keep in mind that you should add an accurate description of yourself and interests, since companies target people that might be into their products, so it doesn’t look unnatural on their profiles.

This is a very easy way to earn money and the amount very much depends on the category of products, size of your social following and the type of person you are. Anyway, looks like those Facebook selfies and Instagram meals have some use after all.

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7. Sell unnecessary stuff

‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.’ This also applies to all the stuff we classify as junk but still keep. Most of the things you don’t need and are in good condition are fine for selling.

It could be clothes, furniture, books, video games or what not and it can be sold through garage sales, thrift shops or online platforms. It is very simple as you only need to take a picture and describe the products and wait for potential buyers.

Keep in mind that with online selling in big websites like eBay, competition is pretty huge so you might not get that many offers, but if you organize garage sales if that is a trend where you live, you may get rid of all the old stuff, free up some space for new and earn some money!

8. Take part in online competitions

This might seem like a long shot, since it is very hard to win any kind of competition or sweepstake, especially online. But you will definitely never win if you don’t try, right? And plus, signing up is super easy.

You just need to provide your email and name and then wait. Even if you don’t win, you didn’t spend much time or effort in it, so it’s not a big loss. There are numerous things that you can participate in.

Look up on competitions or contests and you will find yourself overwhelmed with offers. Choose the ones that appeal to you most, sign up and bring out your positive attitude. Nothing is impossible, so why should this be? You never know, maybe you will earn some extra money already today!

9. Babysit

If you are a kids person and love to spend time with children, this is a good opportunity for you. With nowadays busy schedule, many parents look for babysitters either full or part-time.

It is best to look for families near you so you can avoid transportation time and costs but also evaluate your skills so you know what children you are capable of caring for. Babies require a lot more skills and experience than toddlers for example.

The good thing with babysitting is that you have a very flexible schedule, since parents may call you only when they have events or other engagements so you don’t have to spend all your free time at work and you can also juggle between babysitting and another job, which makes it so much easier to make some extra money.

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10. Walk dogs

This can either be the best or the worst job in the world depending on what kind of person you are and how you feel about dogs. It is easy and pleasant as you get to walk as well and relax while working.

The payment for this job can be very different, but have in mind that people are likely to be willing to pay insane amounts of money to entrust you with their loved pets. Make sure you earn their trust before negotiating for salary.

Otherwise, the job doesn’t require much time, easy to do and if you are a dog lover it would be a pleasure. And except for the money, you also get to exercise and have some alone time that your busy schedule isn’t giving you.

11. Recycle your tech gadgets

Do you have an old phone/laptop/tablet? If the answer is yes, why are you still keeping it with you? As you can sell almost anything on the Internet, old stuff are a good option and tech gadgets pay even better, so you'll definitely be able to earn some extra money.

Keep in mind that it very much depends on what you have, since not many people will be interested in purchasing your old flashlight Nokia phone, but some technology such as computers, headsets or screens, never gets old.

There are a few ways where they can be sold, either physically to a second hand shop or flea market, or online in platforms such as Ebay or Amazon. As to which is better, you decide, since online you have bigger competition, while maybe shops wouldn’t see the use of your old stuff.

12. Be creative

If you are a movie-lover, why not apply to be an extra? You can earn some extra money by only doing  a day or two of work and plus- it will be super fun to show yourself to your friends in the background of the next hit movie.

Since we are at the movie topic, trying out for a music video may also be nice. Many new artists can barely afford a music video, what goes for professional dancers/actors. So with a little effort of finding and pitching them, you can get some extra money while having an amazing time.

Other things you can do if you know your city very well is to offer to be a tourist guide. Many professional guides charge too much, so travel agencies with large groups of tourists could use someone with a passion for history of the place to take them sightseeing.

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13. Sell your photos

Even non-professional photographers can take amazing photos and get paid for that. The competition is intense in this business but depending on what you like to capture there definitely is a market for you.

If you are just a hobby photographer, make sure that you take course of several lessons for free online, so you can improve the quality and the picture would look more professional. It’s not a bad idea to also review what your competitors are doing and analyse their style first, to see what is good for selling.

Promoting photographs can be done through many social media networks, specialised photographer and art portfolio websites, such as Deviantart Another option is to sell them to stock websites like Shutterstock, where you get a money every time someone downloads your photo.

14. Work part-time

There’s an assumption that part-time jobs are only for students, but this isn’t necessarily true. While the preferred candidates are still in school, since they don’t demand much in terms of working hours or salary, there are many opportunities for everyone to work with a flexible schedule.

It may not be the most glamorous or your dream job, but it could be a great temporary solution, until you manage to land something better or if you have children for example. Many mothers work as office assistants or sales people part-time to help support their family.

Another option is freelancing, which can be useful if you have previous experience in a field. There are all kinds of freelancers and if you don’t known where to start, check out websites like, where you create a portfolio and easily access many available jobs and earn some extra money. 

15. Rent your garage or parking

Depending on where you live, there are many buildings which charge for parking or garage in addition to accommodation. But you may not have a car, so why pay for something that you never use?

In cities parking cars has become hell and paid parking spots are pretty pricey, so you can use the one you already pay for and rent it out. Consider people working in buildings nearby or students if you live close to a university.

There are many other ways to make money, but our list of 15 will help you start and get an initial direction. Most of those ideas are simple and easy to accomplish, with no required investment so that you can start right away!