The 7 Problems With Friends That Earn More Money Than You

Everyday situations become hard when you don't have the budget for it

Friendships aren’t based on looks or financial capability, so sometimes in life, you will find yourself below the standards of your group. Here are some of the biggest struggles, but don’t let them intimidate you.

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You pass on amazing holidays

If you are having trouble making ends meet, it is very likely that you can not afford to go on holiday to dream destinations. However, your friends are probably booking the next safari or cruise trip. Maybe you have pictured yourself going there since you were a kid, but India and Thailand will have to wait until you earn more money which allows you to go visit.

The choice of restaurant is suddenly the hardest decision ever

Even if you have enough to afford a dinner out, if you friends earn more money than yourself, they would probably want to go to that fancy new restaurant, where a dinner costs as much as your rent. You need to find common ground and settle for something in between, so you don’t exceed your budget and they eat at a place that is not a diner.

You never get to host a house party

Your apartment is small and cozy, cute and decorated by yourself and you probably love it, but that may not go for your friends. If they are used to a different living standard, they would prefer hanging out at their own, luxurious places, rather than sit on your foldable couch-bed.

Don’t feel bad or offended by this, look at the bright side- you get to sit on a fancy leather coach and drink from actual glasses, rather than your plastic cups. Plus, no guests- no cleaning up the next day! So there is definitely good sides by not earning as much money as your friends. 

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Buying presents is your worst nightmare

Friends have all kinds of occasions to buy gifts- birthdays, weddings etc, but you are the one that is least excited about all this. Any kind of gift would normally not be budget-friendly, but your rich friends are probably used to receiving expensive gadgets and other stuff, so your DIY picture frame may not cut it.

The bright side is, they are your friends and probably don’t care much about what you give them and are understanding of your situation. So yes, your best friend will love that £15 coffee maker you bought out of your own money you have earned by doing hard work.

Plans = Money

All plans with friends seem to require a lot of money. Cinema, theater, a cafe here and another there, and your piggy bank will start crying. To avoid this, try and suggest some other activity that will be less pricey but still fun, such as a picnic, barbeque or a festival nearby. A change in routine is always good and it will get you some nice memories without damaging your wallet.

Weddings of friends make you want to disappear

Weddings are wonderful occasions and you get to wear a pretty dress, but when you think about the expenses amd the money you are earning, you wish they would secretly get married in Vegas. It’s hair, makeup and dresses, along with the gift can leave you completely broke at the end. 

What you can do to avoid it is get a custom tailored dress rather than buying one and see some hair and makeup tutorials to make yourself pretty on your own. As for the gift, look for vouchers and offers on things like dancing lessons or spa procedures- you can easily find priceworthy ones and it will give your friends a memorable experience rather than just an object.

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Shopping days are hell

You have totally different understandings of fabulous shops and good offers. While your friends might visit the hip high-end fashion shops, all you dream about is going to a flea market or a second-hand shop. Maybe you also have different tastes, so either try to compromise, or make a shopping schedule so one week you go to their places and the other they join you to yours.

Overall, there are many things that can stand in the way of fun nights with friends when you are not that financially capable. However, this isn’t a crucial factor in your relationships and your friends appreciate you for yourself and not how much your budget allows them to.