The Simpsons Split: Will Marge Simpson Thrive as a Work-from Home Mum?

Will Homer and Marge Break Up on Season 27?

Untitled Design (2)There have been rumours going around that Marge and Homer Simpson are headed for Splitsville. The internet has been freaking out over the news that TV’s favourite animated couple are divorcing after 26 series of the cult TV show.

The rumour mill started when executive producer AI Jean said in an interview with Variety magazine that Homer and Marge will legally separate in the series upcoming episode. This ‘revelation’ had fans freaking out since the news hit the web. And despite refutals by official Simpsons Twitter account that our favourite Springfield couple is NOT breaking up, speculations about Marge and Homer’s relationship status continue.

In an attempt to put the rumours to rest once and for all, Springfield's superstar couple released an official statement via Youtube over the weekend. On the Fox News clip entitled 'Homer and Marge, Together Forever',  Marge explains how the ‘baseless rumours’ spread with Homer interjecting,  “Now listen here, Marjorie and I are as solid as a rock!”.

Fans couldn’t help but let their imagine go wild as many actually believe that the breakup was long overdue. Relationship experts weigh in that there may be some truth to the rumours, after all, Homer’s narcoleptic and borderline alcoholic ways put a huge strain on the couple's marriage. After all these years of Marge's built up resentment, it could finally lead to the big inevitable divorce.

Ever since these speculations came out, how Marge can make money as a single mom has been the hot watercooler topic discussion among the workers at SurveyBee.

Marge has been non-working for most of the series, but if the divorce with Homer pans out, she would need to think of ways to make extra income on the side. We could only imagine how tough it would be to go from having a significant other who acts a breadwinner to being a single mom of three!

We have seen her do some money-making hustles in past episodes -  from being a nuclear technician alongside Homer, a bakery worker and even a police officer. Her entrepreneurial savvy has also been highlighted best when she started a pretzel business from her garage in Season 8’s episode The Twisted World of Marge Simpson. Given that Marge is an opinionated, creative and driven woman, perhaps she could also try making extra money from blogging, crafting, social media or even filling out online surveys!

In the course of the series, we saw her do many side gigs but it is undeniable that the job she does best is being a doting mom to Lisa, Bart and Maggie. While the aftermath of divorce may be challenging, we have faith that Marge will do just fine as a work from home single mum!

Let us brace for the new season of The Simpsons this coming fall and see how the plot turns.

Season 27 of  will premiere on Sept. 27 in the US.  In the UK, new episodes air every Thursday at 7.30pm in Sky1.