Tips for Saving Money in the Summer

As soon as the temperature goes up, so does the desire to go out, stay in the sun and have fun with friends. It is also the time when we are more more eager to walk around and do some shopping. A pound here and another there and making ends meet can become pretty difficult in the warmer months. Perhaps you have already arranged to go on holiday abroad or decided to stay close to home and go to the closest beach or pool. Whatever your plans for the summer, we will give you some tips on how to save some money while enjoying the holidays.

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Save on Air Conditioning

Although it is tempting to have the windows and blinds open to let the sun in all day, a simple way to save money is to close the blinds during peak hours of sun and avoid using air conditioning for a few hours. If it is not too hot, you can also choose to have fans instead, as they consume less energy.

Organizes Barbecues with Friends

Cooking at somebody else’s place away will let you save on gas and electricity. If you get together with a group of friends for a BBQ you can share the cost of food and drinks, while enjoying the good weather and have fun.

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Do Not Use the Car

Instead of using your car to travel from one place to another, try cycling. In the Nordic countries like Denmark and Sweden, most people bike. Not only you will get the perfect beach body, but you will also save a lot of money on gas and parking. In addition, you will help the environment. If cycling is not your thing, you can take public transportation from time to time to save on the cost of buying and maintain a car. Walking never hurts either.

Sell Stuff You no Longer Use

In summer there are many  flea markets where you can sell things you no longer use. Not only you will make some money, but also do a great clean up of your home and make more space for the objects you actually use.

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Have a budget

Maybe it's something boring and predictable, but if you have a budget you will be able to track your expenses and understand if you spend more than you should, and see what you could save money on. Try this system for a whole month, and if you manage to do it, keep doing it for the rest the summer . Remember that you need to write down all expenses, so you should always have a notebook (or your smartphone) always with you.