Working from Home: How to Beat the Monday Blues

Our top tips on how to beat the Monday blues

If the weekend just started and you are already dreading the start of the workweek, you might be suffering from a serious case of Monday blues, even tough you are going to be working from home. Your overall attitude towards Mondays can influence the rest of your week and may also have a negative impact on your productivity, wich you should avoid when you are working alone from home.

The Case of Monday Madness

Researchers from the University of Vermont show that people feel unhappiest on Mondays and Tuesdays, based on a study of what people are tweeting. Similar studies in the US, Japan and the UK show that suicide rates are highest on Mondays than any other day of the week.

Interestingly, a research by consultant firm Mercer also reports that more than a third of all sick leaves in the UK are taken on a Monday. And if you can’t wipe off the grumpy look on your face on Monday mornings, take heart, you are not alone in this. A study by our beloved Marmite in 2011 shows that the average Brit does not smile on a Monday until 11:16 AM - how glum!

Luckily, we have helpful tips on how to turn this around! And yes it is only Friday but it is never too early to plan for a great Monday, where you're going to have a productive work-from-home day.

Beat the Monday Blues! Our Top Tips

Have fun over the weekend

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Doing something fun over the weekend is one of the best ways of beating the Monday blues. The positive feeling from the weekend can transcend to your Monday and spill over the rest of the week. Go for a walk downtown, hangout with your friends, have a lovely dinner with your loved one, enjoy the sunshine if you can - whatever it is that can make you feel happy and revived during the weekend should do the trick. Don’t spend your Sunday night partying until the break of dawn. Check in early so you will feel more ready to work from home on monday morning.


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Right on the topic of weekend fun, the reason you might be suffering from terrible down days once Monday hits could be the wild lifestyle you have over the weekends. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lower the level of serotonin - “happy hormones” in your brain, thus resulting to that cranky and sluggish mood. Since alcohol is a depressant, plus that nasty hangover can get your motivation for the work week sapped, it might be a good idea to cut back or even stop altogether to check if your mood improves and you will be more productive when you are working from home.

Turn up the music

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Shake the blues away by listening to your favorite music. Not only is it proven to increase your productivity, it can also improve your overall happiness. Researchers at the McGill University revealed that dopamine (“the pleasure chemicals” in your brain associated with the rewards system) is released whenever you experience or anticipate thrilling music. Even better yet is singing along to your favorite song to get that rush of freedom and exuberance. So put on your favourite song at home and get to work!



By taking the time to go over your to-do list and planning out the tasks that await you for Monday, you will feel more in control and less anxious of the start of the work week. What makes Mondays extra stressful for some are the tasks that have been piled from the previous week. My advise is to get most of the dreadful tasks done before the weekend - it will make Mondays less stressful and more tolerable. It may be tempting to suck in every last second of your weekend freedom, but taking a few minutes to get organised and mentally prepare for the week can help you beat the Monday blues.

Bonus tip:

If these tips are not enough to overcome your Monday blues, the study by Marmite also reveals that a surefire way of getting over the bad Monday feeling are by doing one of these top 5 ground-breaking activities: (1) watching TV (2) sex (3) shopping online (4) chocolates or make-up and (5) holiday planning.

So whatever floats your boat, do it! I wish you a great weekend and hope your Monday will be a good one!