World Meat Free Day- Saving The Planet While Increasing Your Working Productivity

Skip meat for a day for a better planet!

It is Monday again and your productivity level has probably gone down the drain. However there’s something you can do to help yourself and the planet. An initiative called World meat free day is focusing on spreading awareness about the effect of consuming less meat. Turns out the results are tremendous: 

  • Reduction in carbon emissions would be equal to driving around the world 2 438 times
  • Water usage will be reduced with 13 million tonnes
  • It would save human kind 48 tons of fat and 885 million calories
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The campaign is not strictly vegetarian friendly- it mainly encourages consuming less meat, as a part of a healthier diet and a way to positively affect the planet.
Regarding meat effects on your workflow and productivity level, you might consider skipping breakfast bacon and lunch steak. Some foods can supply your brain with what it needs to stay focused and concentrated during the day. However, there are other foods that can do exactly the opposite and sabotage your productivity.
While fats and proteins are healthy on their own, some combinations cause a spike in your blood sugar, which leads to fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Furthermore, fat and protein richness makes food tougher to digest by your body, drains all your energy in a whim, making it less possible to be active and productive.
If you like to consume meat products such as ham or salami, there’s even bigger harm. Those products are full of preservatives and mostly salt, which makes you dehydrated and may even cause a headache.

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Instead of over-consuming meat products, messing with your concentration and apparently-harm the planet, here are a few tips on how to substitute it.

  • Eat lean meats with less fat such as chicken or turkey
  • Use eggs instead of meat to get your daily dose of protein
  • Consume more dark green leafy vegetables to get a boost in iron, potassium and vitamins A,C and K.
  • Substitute meat with fish, especially ones rich in omega 3 fats such as salmon

Overall, what you can do is become a flexitarian- eating mostly plant based foods, but also the occasional meat meal. This way you will be helping the planet, as well as developing a healthy diet for yourself, which would help you remain energetic and productive while working from home.