18 Money Saving Hacks

Simple and ingenious tips to reduce your expenses and save money

Do you want to travel? Do you have a special project or need extra money? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should start saving, and although this will seem obvious, the following tips are not.

Here are some tricks that will save you some cash in a way you never thought of. Saving shouldn’t always involve a big sacrifice such as staying home and surviving on ramen soup, so consider those tips instead.

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At the supermarket

Going to the supermarket is usually associated with spending, but the way you shop matters. Stores are aware of user behavior and use it to make a bigger profit, so following those few tips will teach you how to be a wise shopper.

1. Avoid products that are right in front of you

It is common that we would buy a product that fall short of sight and they aren’t displayed there by coincidence. Markets tend to put more expensive products at eye level shelves to attract shoppers attention.

That doesn’t mean that the other products are of poorer quality, but they would be located on the lower or upper shelves where they would be less noticeable. So instead of focusing on what’s right in your face, make sure you look for more price worthy products elsewhere on the shelf.

2. Avoid cosmetics

Nowadays, supermarkets make it easy for shoppers to purchase everything they need in one place, but it comes with a price-literally. Cosmetic products such as perfumes, make up, razors and so on, tend to be much more expensive in your neighborhood supermarket.

Instead of doing that, take a walk to the nearest drugstore or specialized cosmetic shop. Not only you will find a wider variety of brands and products, but also a lower price, since stores that only sell these products, get better discounts from their suppliers.

3. Do not shop for food hungry

Going to the supermarket on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Everything will look tempting and you would get an urge to eat many things that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Moreover, this will make you buy way more things that you are able to consume, leading to more spending. Many things will look delicious to you but you will never be able to eat the amount that you buy when you have an empty stomach.

4. Avoid buying canned fruits and vegetables

Canned or frozen veggies may be extremely convenient, since you would avoid the hassle of peeling, chopping and cooking them, but it is definitely harmful to your wallet.

Yes, a can of peaches may seem very cheap when you look at it, but if you see the bigger picture, you can buy a whole kilo of raw fruit for the same price that you get a 300 g of already prepared ones.

Not to mention, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are processed with a number of chemicals and conservatives in order to be preserved for so long and those are definitely not good for your body.

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5. Do not get fooled by the size of your shopping cart

This is another marketing trick that makes you buy more that you actually intended. You have probably notices that supermarket trolleys are huge and this has a reason. Human psychology works in a way that when you have the bigger space to put your products in, you buy more without realizing.

The same principle is why shopping malls are so successful, since everything is at one place and you end up going through all the stores and therefore- there’s a bigger chance that you’ll purchase. To avoid this, you can use a shopping basket, which is relatively smaller, or be disciplined and stick to your shopping list only.

6. Avoid items with a secondary exposure

Have you ever experienced going to a store and on the way to checkout, you see those boxes full of products with a huge sign and a reduced prices? There’s no trick here, the price is actually lower but it is a pitfall that you’ve definitely fallen in.

Those products are usually batteries, candy, cookies or whatever, but they intend to persuade you into impulsive buying. You can find them at another place in the store but you haven’t, since you don’t need them.

However, when they are on your path to check out and have an attention-grabbing sign, you are most likely to buy something from there that you actually don’t need. It is a very efficient way to trick people into purchasing those items, since the reduced price and the placement in the shop are a big influence to your buying decisions.

7. Save on drinks

Instead of spending a lot on expensive fancy drinks, sodas and non-alcoholic cocktails, why not DIY? Refreshing drinks are great for the summer, but you can replicate them at home with water, fruits, ice and lemon. You can even make them carbonated if you wish by adding some soda.

This is not only good for you wallet, but your health as well, since pre-made drinks are filled with artificial taste, coloring and contain an insane amount of sugar that you don’t need to consume.

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At home

You can also make money by saving on some household expenses. Just have in mind these simple tips.

8. Take shorter showers

Saving water is a great way to save a few bucks each month and help the planet every day. Think about how much time do you actually spend on washing yourself in the shower and how much goes for thinking about life and just enjoying the water.

Truth is, you can take a proper shower in 10 minutes or less, so try to eliminate the rest to save water. If you think that time is not enough for you, at least stop the water in between putting shampoo or washing your teeth- you don’t use it at that time anyway, so why waste it?

9. Turn off your air-conditioner

Summer heat can be pretty intense, but using the air conditioning is sometimes unnecessary, yet we use it as a habit. Air-conditioners take up a lot of energy and you can easily distort your immune system by being out where it is hot and coming in to an almost freezing room.

Some alternatives to the air conditioner is the air fan, which doesn’t make air colder, but spins it in a faster speed to cool you off. Other than that, you may try to put your sheets in the freezer of a couple of minutes before you go to bed- it will make it easier for you to sleep and it will make them feel and smell fresh.

10. Do not overuse heating

While sometimes resorting to heating is the only way to feel comfortable at home, consider other options before overusing it. Drinking plenty of tea will help you rise body temperature, you can put an extra blanket or thicker pyjamas to sleep or use a warm water bottle between your sheets before you go to bed.

If you need to use heating, choose a regular central heater, rather than fan-type one, which consumes more energy and won’t keep your home warm for long. Also, it is way more efficient to use a heater on a lower degree for a longer time, rather than boosting it to full speed for an hour and then turning it off.

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11. Use LED lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an excellent replacement to regular light bulbs and have a bigger life duration- up to 50.000 hours. They consume less energy and last up to 50-75 times more than a regular bulb. Moreover, their glass has a layer of protection for your eyes so the light won’t irritate them.

12. Turn off the lights

Get used to turning off the lights whenever you leave a room. Many people have the habit of leaving the lights on and this consumes unnecessary energy. Remember to turn off the lights and see your electricity bill decreasing.

13. Clean your closet

Clean your closet periodically for things you do not use anymore. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you can go sell them online or with a garage sale. Also, keeping your closet clean and organized will give you an idea of what you own and you’ll avoid buying additional unnecessary things.

14. Make your own decorations

If you are the crafty type of person, you can always decorate or even furnish your home by yourself. It’s cheaper and will give it a way more personalized look and atmosphere. For example, why not turn an old suitcase into a coffee table?

Go to Pinterest or YouTube for many ideas and tutorials.

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Saving doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun with things that make you happy. There are several ways you can entertain yourself or keep your old habits, but adjust them so you wouldn’t spend excessive amounts of money.

15. Go to the movies during the day

Cinemas are usually quite expensive, but don’t get discouraged by the price! Some places offer cheaper tickets on weekdays and in daytime, rather than night when they are busy. So if you have free time during the day, take advantage of it and go see a movie. Note that many cinemas have this one dedicated day of the week that ticket prices can be reduced up to 50%.

16. Swap with friends

Do you like reading on watching movies? Have books, DVD’s or video games? Take advantage of that and offer your friends an exchange. This way, you would get to have new reading or watching material without spending anything. And another plus- when you’re finished you can just return it, rather than looking for a place for it on your shelves.

17. Don’t stop eating out

Well, in this case, by out, we don’t mean cafes and restaurants. Instead, go out for a picnic or camping trip, cook on a barbeque outside or make a bonfire. It’s summer and you can always make the best out of a sunny day, without spending much!

18. Make money in your spare time

You do not know what to do in your free time? You can make money online! If you have a computer with internet access you can have fun answering surveys and receive gifts and prizes for doing so. Click on online surveys to find out how it works.