5 Ideas to Boost Your Productivity this Summer

5 Tips On How to Make Your Summer Productive

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Summer is the time when most of us regroup from the usual routine hustle. We laze around in the sun, eat our weight in ice cream, become beach bums and tan ourselves to oblivion. Summer seems to hit the pause button on everything -  no school work, office headcount is less busy, people are busy building plans for vacations rather than new projects.

However, I believe that our productivity during summer should not drop on a pathetic low. In fact, we should take advantage of this downtime for fun and creative ways to kick ourselves into gear and make this  summer more meaningful.

Here are some mid-week inspiration on what you can do to have a more productive summer.

#1 Socialise

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Besides enjoying outdoor concerts, beach parties and BBQs, summertime is a perfect opportunity to meet new and interesting people in a relaxed and fun setting. Take this chance to forge new relationships to build both your personal and professional network. You may have lost touch with friends, colleagues and other interesting people you meet along the way, the summer downtime could be a good chance to reconnect, catch up and learn more about what they do for a living. Doing this can pay enormous dividends in diversifying your network and improving your prospects.

#2 Take up a hobby

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Carve out some time to start a new hobby or take up an old, forgotten one. In many ways, making time for doing a hobby you really enjoy can stimulate your creativity, boost your mental skills and keeps you challenged. Time spent on painting, sports, cooking or crafts, for instance, can be extremely gratifying and has a positive impact on your well-being. When summer winds down, your invigorated focus, creativity and general positive feeling can translate to your work or studies.

#3 Have a room makeover

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You probably have some room improvement ideas and decluttering project that you have been holding off for a while. This summer is the best time to finally do it, once and for all. If you don’t know where to start and need some inspiration, check our blog posts on workspace essentials, it may give you some fresh ideas. By organising and sprucing up your room, the changes you do can help you feel more fresh and productive. Plus, your clutter may be worth some decent cash that you can save or put towards something you really want like…

#4 Travel

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While many will consider traveling as merely a way to just unwind and tick tourists sights off their bucket list, some do not realise that travel can enrich both personal and professional life. Regardless of where you travel in the world, even if it’s in your own country, travel is a perspective-altering experience that is essential to your personal development. Not only does it enhance your confidence and maturity, but the experiences you gain while travelling can help you build new connections, improve your cross-cultural literacy and even open doors for future opportunities. To unleash your wanderlust without breaking the bank, get tips from the best travel expert by reading our article on saving money while traveling.

#5 Learn something new

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The inevitable summer slowdown should not bog your brain down. Keep your brain working by challenging yourself to learn something new. Do you need a headstart with the courses that you need to study for the next semester? Have you always been interested in learning a new skill but have not had the time to do so? This summer, commit and make a conscious effort to do it. There are many options available for you to choose from. You can opt to enroll in a school summer programme or maybe do a self-study training using free available resources online. Check out our article on top 5 websites for free online courses. I promise, it’ll be worth it.