How to Deal With Stress at Work

Combat stress and live a happier life!

Stress has become so common that most people accept it as something natural and inherent in the work itself. There isn’t a person, who hasn’t at some point felt anxious, fatigued or demotivated because of stress.

Stress doesn’t just appear in your work and everyday life and is dependent on many factors. Working conditions, relationships with colleagues and managers, work overload, personal problems and a lot others help build up to a solid stress level that can have a terrible impact on your physical and mental health.

The main problem is that people are so used to stress that they don’t notice it or try to reduce it. Pay closer attention to your state and identify when you have had too much and you need a break- after all, nothing is more important than your health.

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Why do stress levels increase?


One of the main mistakes we all do is put too much on our plates- multitasking can be pretty useful and time-saving, but it doesn’t actually help you to get things done and is bad if you’re trying to be stress-free.

Even if you talk on the phone while filling out an Excel document can be a burden, what goes for talking to your colleagues while doing something. Coordinating tasks might not involve any effort, but it reduces the final quality of each task and your stress level and alertness rise.

Interruptions every few minutes

When your phone is constantly ringing, Facebook beeping and your annoying co-worker is asking tedious questions all the time, it is hard to stay concentrated. This may visibly irritate you as well, but even if not, these interruptions will make you stressed out, since you are not leading any task to completion.


Postponing tasks or relying on someone else to make decisions for us is also increasing stress levels. You probably wouldn’t feel it, but even if you tell yourself you have time to hand in that report to your boss, your brain is instantly feeling the pressure that arises with the deadline and subconsciously you are stressed out.

Constant sitting

Working in an office and sitting most of the time is tightly related to health problems. It can impact both your physical and mental health and it is good to avoid long sitting sessions as much as possible. Short breaks or walks up and down the stairs can be a good way to reduce some of the hazards.

Read more about how sitting too much impacts your health in our blog.


How to overcome stress?

There are a few ways to eliminate stress, even though it is very hard to create an environment where stress isn’t a main player. Some people believe that it is even ‘contagious’ and people under a lot of stress can easily transfer it to others.

What you can do is to try and eliminate the possible causes of stress, or suffer the consequences, which surprisingly is what many people settle for. Living stress-free isn’t an easy or fast process, but experts believe that people under less stress have a better quality of life.

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Let the change begin

To start, you can create a list of everything that you realise is making you stressed. You may come up with 5 or 10 reasons for that but need to understand that there are much more underlying causes of your stress.

This is useful so you can actually see with your eyes, which makes your brain understand better and realise that some of those factors can be easily avoided, as long as you put your mind to it.

A good thing would be to visit a specialists to help you identify your stress level and give you an overview of your situation. If your anxiety levels aren’t that elevated, you can start the change yourself.


Set aside a little time for yourself only, even if it’s a couple of hours. Go out, have a coffee outside and turn off all your electronic devices. Thanks to them, people have not only forgotten how to communicate, but also how to spend quality time with themselves.
Try and feel the joy of being alone, having nothing to think about or anyone to bother you. Try to do this more often, but don’t think it needs to be a big deal- you need a few spare minutes and a place of solitude. It is simple, but the effect incredible!

Fighting stress is your battle and you should be convinced and dedicated to changing in order to succeed. It may be very hard in a world that is so used to living under pressure, but you can help yourself by at least lifting some weight off.