How to Save Money at Amusement Parks

7 tricks to spend less on fun

When you are a parent, at some point you will have to loosen up your budget a little bit and take your child to an amusement park. This can be a pretty expensive experience, both because of entrance fees and also higher prices on everything, purchased inside the park. 

However, there are ways to help yourself out and spare heavy expenses, by following these 7 small rules.

1. Come prepared

It is important to plan your day ahead to avoid having to buy things you could have brought from home. You need to know if you have to carry an umbrella, an extra shirt or jacket or sunscreen. Those are things that probably have in your home and are often overly expensive in the park.

Try to predict what you are going to need- if you are going to water attractions, bring a towel and bathing suit, if it is sunny, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses. Those are all small things but they can save you some money if you think in advance.

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2. Eat breakfast before you go

Breakfast at amusement parks can be as expensive as dinner at a regular restaurant and when you’re hungry, you’re likely to neglect the price and pay it anyway. So plan getting up a bit earlier in the morning for breakfast so you go there on a full stomach, or pass by a breakfast place on the way to the park.


3. Bring food and drink

Food at amusement parks is sometimes way overpriced and you are left with no choice but to buy it once you get inside the park. Sometimes you can buy a ticket that includes lunch but make sure that you research other ticket options to see if it’s worth it.

To be prepared, you can bring salads or sandwiches into the park and snacks for in between meals. Normally, all kinds of foods are allowed to bring in, except glass containers and alcoholic beverages so have that in mind.

Drinks are just as important, so bring coffee, juice and water, so you don’t find yourself buying them for triple price on the spot. Hydration is crucial, especially if you are visiting the park during the summer.

4. Visit the park off-season

Everything becomes cheaper off-season - amusement parks need to attract more visitors in the times when the weather is not the best and when people usually aren’t on holiday. Parks normally open during spring and are available until autumn but the busiest times for them are in the warm summer months.

The rest of the time, they tend to make better offers on tickets, food and special offers, so why not take advantage of it? There are more pluses, since the park wouldn’t be that crowded and you’ll avoid waiting in line for an hour just for one ride. Moreover, your boss will probably be more willing to give you an off-season holiday as well, since then he can easily find someone to take up your tasks.

Consider timing and visit amusement parks during the weekdays for a lower price and less of a crowd in the park.

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5. Go all inclusive

Amusement parks usually have various offers on tickets and to save money it is a good idea to review them all. Depending on the park, sometimes it is way cheaper to purchase the all inclusive ticket, rather than the entrance fee only and then pay for all the rides separately.

Especially if you are going with kids, it is hard to estimate which rides they would take and how many times, so having an unlimited ticket will be the better choice. Also look for partners of the park that may offer coupons or special discounts.

Also, try to buy the tickets well in advance using the park’s Internet page. If it is a busy day, they may try to charge you more if you want to buy the tickets on the spot, so having them in advance will save you all that trouble.


6. Gather the whole crew with you

Usually at amusement parks you get a discount when entering in a group larger than 10 people. You can take advantage of that by inviting your friends and buying a group ticket which will lower the price by a few pounds.

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7. Don’t go on a special occasion

Avoid celebrating birthdays or other holidays in amusement parks or visit on special days, such as Halloween for example. Parks will charge you way more than any other venue for your child’s birthday and will rise their prices on national holidays.

Research their ticket prices on their website, or subscribe to their Twitter and Facebook pages to keep track of their activities.