Paid Online Surveys: A List of Interesting Findings and How You Can Take Part In One

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Here are some of the most interesting survey findings that recently made the news

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  • Emoji is UK’s fastest growing language

A survey conducted by TalkTalk Mobile conducted among 2000 Brits aged between 18-65 reveals that Emoji is UK’s fastest growing language. In what seem to be quite worrying but not surprising results, more than 8 in 10 Brits use emojis to communicate regularly. Linguistics professor, Vyv Evans affirms that it is conceivable that emojis will be used to complement digital versions of written works, citing that abridged versions of Shakespeare could bring the stories to life for a whole new generation. The idea seem sacrilegious but we cannot help but be curious as to how many smiling hearts and kiss emojis will make it to the new Romeo & Juliet version!

  • Survey reveals why you should get a British lover 

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European dating site, Gleeden made a survey which included 5000 Europeans and found that the Brits are the most faithful in the continent, with 40 percent of men and 29 percent of women reporting cheating on their partner. Not only are they the most faithful, the Brits were also the most likely to feel sorry after cheating. It may not come as as a surprise that the Italians and French are the least faithful. The survey reveals that over half of the Italian and French men and third of the women admitted to infidelities.

  • British forgetfulness

According to a survey of 2,000 Brits, the top ten things that they forget the most are: 1) password 2) keys 3) relatives’ birthday 4) PIN number 5) a friend’s birthday 6) paying a bill 7) where the car is parked 8) an appointment 9) turning off an appliance 10) clocks going back or forward. While men are accused of being the more forgetful sex according to more than half of the respondents, the survey found however that women are the more forgetful especially with regards to things like recalling directions and remembering appointments. This study was commissioned by Alta Multicar because insurance renewals are of those things that people tend to forget easily.

  • The British price of happiness

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According to the Wealth Sentiment Survey commissioned by the investment company Skandia International<, a yearly income of no less than £101,812 is what’s needed to feel content. The highest financial aspiration comes from those living in Dubai who need £173,780, followed closely by residents of Hong Kong and Singapore. The Europeans appear more modest with their financial ambitions.The Brits want £83,600 per year, the second most expensive price of happiness in Europe, just behind the Italians at £113,000.

  •  Are you unhappy with your home like the rest of them?

In a recent survey conducted for a company Wooden Blinds Direct, it was found that 7 out of 10 Brits are not happy with their homes, with over 20 percent claiming that they completely hate where they live. The size, decor and location were their biggest complaints. The study of 2,000 adults shows that 84 percent feel that there is something they want to constantly change in their homes, but 59 percent cannot afford to make these improvements. The top 3 home improvements that Brits want to do: 1) Repainting or wallpaper 2) New carpets or flooring 3) Installing new kitchens.

  • Language skills affect the Brits’ travel plans 

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In a survey conducted among Skyscanner users in the UK, it has been found that British travelers avoid certain destinations due to the language barrier. For instance, holidays in France have been put off by many even when French is the most widely-spoken foreign language by the Brits. The survey also found that women speak more languages on average, but it is the men who take the lead in chatting up a local on a holiday.

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