The 100 Best Free Activities

How to have fun without spending a penny

Regardless if you go out or decide to stay home, there are many ways you can have fun without breaking the bank. Your imagination is the only limit! We came up with a hundred ideas to spice up your free time without worrying if you can pay rent this month. Enjoy!

  1. Take a friend and go to a walking trip to a nearby city. No transport allowed!
  2. Organize a treasure hunt with your friends.
  3. Experiment in cooking by using only ingredients you have at home.
  4. Rearrange the furniture in your house.
  5. Swap clothes with friends.
  6. Master your singing skills with
  7. Start writing a diary.
  8. Make a spa day with products from what you have in the fridge.
  9. Try making homemade ice cream.
  10. Organize a water balloon fight.
  11. Make a video parody of a famous song and upload it to YouTube.
  12. Learn the dance moves to your favorite song.
  13. Collect all your favorite recipes into your own cookbook.
  14. Visit an animal shelter.
  15. Sign up for a marathon.
  16. Go to a free outdoor dancing class.
  17. Make your own face steamer with a pan, boiling water and a towel.
  18. Build a fort with sheets and pillows to remind you of your childhood days.
  19. Try out as a movie extra.Shutterstock _203299177
  20. Make a costume with old clothes.
  21. Learn a new language online (or with DuoLingo).
  22. Recycle your jeans and turn them into shorts.
  23. Build a kite.
  24. Go to a sleepover. Pyjama party!
  25. Make a collage with old photographs and magazine clippings.
  26. Play Triviador.
  27. Sign up for online surveys.
  28. Visit a local beach.
  29. Sign up for a free class.
  30. Re-read an old book.
  31. Organize your closet.
  32. Create a playlist in Spotify.
  33. Host a movie marathon with your best friends.
  34. Play board games.
  35. Go swimming.
  36. Go for a walk to the park.
  37. Sunbathe in the yard.
  38. Try new hairstyles.
  39. Binge watch a new TV series. Shutterstock _205957348
  40. Try out a Youtube makeup tutorial.
  41. Plant flowers in your garden. Or a tree.
  42. Be a tourist in your own city.
  43. Experiment with nail color styles.
  44. Host a dinner for friends.
  45. Teach your pet some tricks.
  46. Go for a biking tour.
  47. Paint or draw a picture.
  48. Explore your photography skills outdoors.
  49. Visit a museum with no entrance fee.
  50. Learn a craft from online tutorials.
  51. Try hiking.
  52. Make a scrapbook. There are many tutorials on YouTube!
  53. Practice yoga.
  54. Walk through your neighborhood.
  55. Write a song.
  56. Learn to play an instrument.
  57. Wash your car on your own.
  58. Become a volunteer.
  59. Visit your family. Shutterstock _178947776
  60. Be your own hairdresser (well, if you feel adventurous).
  61. Paint a vase or ceramic cup.
  62. Look through your old photo albums. So many memories!
  63. Write a poem.
  64. Try a new workout.
  65. Sell things you no longer use on eBay.
  66. Bake cookies.
  67. Write a bucket list.
  68. Learn to sew or knit.
  69. Sort out your email.
  70. Learn to skateboard.
  71. Write a letter to one of your friends abroad.
  72. Go window shopping.
  73. Play cards.
  74. Plan your next trip.
  75. Play video games.
  76. Camp in your garden.
  77. Stay up all night and see the sunrise.
  78. Fall in love with a blog and follow it.
  79. Update your resume. Shutterstock _158814905
  80. Try finding a new hobby.
  81. Download free applications to your phone.
  82. Make a bonfire with friends.
  83. Get rid of your old makeup.
  84. Do a makeover to your room.
  85. Listen to a radio podcast.
  86. Make your own pizza.
  87. Learn about constellations and explore them at night.
  88. Go fishing.
  89. Visit a farmers market.
  90. Attend a free exhibition.
  91. Try different combinations of your clothes and accessories for a new style.
  92. Skype talk with that friend who lives far away.
  93. Visit your grandparents.
  94. Update your profiles on social networks.
  95. Learn to make origami.
  96. Do a puzzle.
  97. Make a picnic in the park.
  98. Take a long shower.
  99. Start planning your next birthday party.
  100. Watch funny videos on YouTube.