The 15 Cooking Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

Best food blogs for everyone on a budget!

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Living on a budget is hard enough, but when you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, it becomes a nightmare. However, we have found the 15 best food bloggers, to teach you how to meal plan and cook with limited finances. They are creative, passionate about food, book authors or just students sharing their experience. The one thing they have in common is that they can teach you how to save money and adopt good eating habits, regardless if you are a student or are just trying to cut down on costs. 
These blogs are our nominees and it is up to you to decide who you like best for them to be announced a winner!  To vote for your favorite savvy cook, click here and choose who you think is the best! 


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Fullthymestudent .com _770x 116

Full-Thyme student

What you can find: The website was created by Daisy bun and features her own original recipes, designed for students and everyone on a budget and time-lacking. She has started her collection in college and by now has a huge directory of easy to make, budget-friendly recipes. Daisy is one of our favorites, since her blog can satisfy the most ordinary, or most sophisticated taste and she has over 25 categories of various recipes, including entrees, desserts, drinks and vegan. She has photo tutorials on each recipe and whatever the recipe is- she makes a stunning presentation. Visiting her blog is definitely worth the ‘thyme’ and you can forget about ramen forever.

Our favorite recipe: Chicken curry in a hurry (in under 20 minutes)

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 Studentrecipes .com _770x 116

Student recipes 

What you can find: The website has a very extensive list of recipes, made to be easily found in categories. Most of them use simple products, that everyone can find for a good price and are easy for preparation. The meals include various meats, desserts and healthy variations for the conscious foodie. Student recipes also has a blog where students can find many more useful information, such as festivals, CV tips and other nutritional facts for their diet. Everyone is welcome to submit their own recipe to contribute to the website, so it is a big sharing network that is perfect for every student, or anyone running out of dinner ideas. 

Our favorite recipe: Naan pizza with Indian flavor, by John Jeavons

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 Eatingrichly .com _770x 116

Eating richly

What you can find: Diana is a talented cooking instructor, freelancer, foodie, food photographer and strikes as an exceptionally positive person. Her blog is an inspiration to every family that is trying to juggle between tight finances and nutritional food for their kids. Diana wants to be the person that can prove and help you stick to a good lifestyle even with a limited budget. She and her husband have managed to cook and eat quality food, made with simple ingredients with just $100 a month and she can show you how to. Diana’s recipes are dedicated to being healthy, including vegetarian and gluten free foods, an amazing section called Cute kid food and meals, suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Our favorite recipe: Healthy breakfast casserole (perfect for brunch)

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 Goodcheapeats .com _770x 116

Good cheap eats

What you can find: Jessica (or FishMama as you may know her) is a blogger and author of 6 cookbooks. Her history with food has taught her that meal planning is essential and how to use budgets to her cooking advantage, instead of turning to cheap, unhealthy food. As she says, she feeds a small army of 8 with her 6 wonderful children, so her saving and cooking skills have been properly tested over the years. Her blog is a resource for meal planning, deep freezing and innovative recipes. We would advise you to join her pantry challenge that she herself has been practicing since 2009 to save money, time and use what she has stored to a full extent.

Our favorite recipe: Homemade curried chicken and broccoli casserole

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 Studenteats .co .uk _770x 116

Student eats

What you can find: This is another website, dedicated to students where you can find sophisticated versions of regular dishes such as beans on toast, but still stay in your budget. There’s a thing for absolutely everyone- for those in a rush, for the healthy life followers and veggie people. There’s always a simple but delicious meal made with stuff you usually have at home. Moreover, there are a lot of innovative recipes that will revolutionize your cooking skills and if you’re not much of a cook, check out their video sessions to follow step by step or their blog for some cooking and money saving advice.

Our favorite recipe: Pizza chips

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 Beyondbakedbeans .org _770x 116

Beyond baked beans

What you can find: This website is part of a successful book series for student eating, including vegetarian lifestyle and cooking on a budget. There is a stronger message behind their recipes, as they aim to help students stick to good food, instead of turning into unhealthy, processed alternatives. The website has a huge directory of all kinds of recipes and an ingredient list that would help even the worst cooks understand nutritional value and importance of everything they put into their meal. In addition, you can find tips on how to live and eat on a budget without turning to ramen and canned soup, that might be useful to everyone.

Our favorite recipe: Budget bolognese



 Cookingforstudents .com _770x 116

Cooking for students

What you can find: Those guys should be the best friends of every person, that just started school aways from their mom. Their website has basically everything students need to know to survive education and can also be useful to anyone trying to reduce food costs. They have different categories, dividing recipes by ease of preparation, time to cook, or money- under £5, £10, £15 or £20. There are some new and healthier takes on familiar dishes and recipes include various cuisines made affordable for everyone. Preparation process is easily explained for even the biggest cooking beginners and they also have video recipes. With this website, you can actually get money for submitting a recipe, so go check it out now!

Our favorite recipe: Reggae reggae beef quesadilla

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 5dollardinner .com _770x 116

$5 dinners

What you can find: Erin is a frugal mom and cook and a healthy eater. She has started off couponing a few years back and reached a point where she couldn’t cook a meal that is over $5! As it sounds oddly wonderful, she shares all the prices for the products she buys on sale and coupons and the recipes to her amazingly cheap and nutritional meals. As a mother of 4 boys, cooking quality food is a must and as a savvy shopper, Erin has found the perfect way to do it. On her website you can find hundreds of breakfast, lunch, dessert of vegetarian recipes, beverages and cooking tutorials. And all of that she made with under $5!

Our favorite recipe: Kale quiche



Thehealthyhangover .com _770x 116
The healthy hangover

What you can find: James Wragg is a food blogger, a Guardian contributor and an innovative foodie. His blog has been awarded multiple times for best food blogs and it offers a very simple and accessible meal solutions for everyone that likes to spice up regular boring dishes. You can easily navigate through the blog to find easy and challenging recipes, healthy versions of dishes and also many tips for food budgeting, food pairing and some product and place reviews. James’ passion shows through his recipes and the enthusiasm he puts into sharing them with his readers. Even the worst cooks can make a good meal now, with his photo guides to every recipe, so why wait and not go check him out now?

Our favorite recipe: Baked basa fillets with garlic and thyme



Thestonesoup .com (2)_770x 116

The stone soup

What you can find: Jules is all about natural and healthy food. Her website and books are full of creative recipes for every taste, including natural ingredients and no processed food. She will push you to experiment with straightforward and typical recipes, to unveil your creativity and turn them into amazing meals. Her concept is called 5 ingredients|10 minutes, since her recipes don’t overcrowd dishes and are easy and fast to prepare. This blog is perfect for the foodie, committed to healthy lifestyle and believing that natural food is the best you can give to your body. It is also brings a big cooking inspiration for those who are stuck with the same old boring dishes.

Our favorite recipe: Saag lamb with spinach curry



Theslenderstudent .com _770x 116
The Slender student

What you can find: The website belongs to Claire- a young, nutrition and liberal arts student, dedicated to help busy people be healthy by finding the balance between eating and fitness. On her blog, you will find over 120 recipes of main courses, snacks, desserts and even drinks. But what makes this blog unique is that all the meals are of big nutritional value and can be a part of a healthy eating regime. Claire also shares workouts, playlists and tips for a successful transition to a healthy lifestyle. Her blog is the inspiration everyone needs to eat well and lead a healthier and happier life. Some of Claire’s recipes are a bit more pricey, but most of what she offers is regular products that everyone is familiar with.

Our favorite recipe: Sausage, kale and quinoa stuffed squash



 Budgetbytes .com _770x 116

Budget bytes

What you can find: ‘My stomach is full, and my wallet is too.’ That is Beth’s motto when it comes to cooking on a budget and we have to say- she really found her way to cheap cooking without compromising on quality. We love her website, because it combines all the regular dishes we are all used to eating, in a cheaper, more economical version, but it is also very diverse. You won’t find world cuisines and exotic dishes comprising with your budget almost anywhere else. We couldn’t even count the number of her recipes, but her website is definitely the place you should go to meal plan or experiment with new dishes without breaking the bank.

Our favorite recipe: Slow cooker chicken ropa vieja



 Cheaprecipeblog .com _770x 116

Cheap recipe blog

What you can find: Haley has been a food enthusiast all her life and a savvy cook as well. Her cooking mission is to share creative, fun and nutritional meals that cost way less than they look like. All her recipes combine various ingredients with a stunning presentation that is worthy of a world class restaurant. On her blog she connects her cooking with money saving outside of the kitchen and life hacks that make living on a budget easier. You should definitely visit her $10 food day section, that will be your new best friend for meal planning and healthy eating.

Our favorite recipe: Fully loaded baja fries



Handbagsandcupcakes .co .uk

Handbags and cupcakes

What you can find: Although this is not entirely a food blog, Rachel is an amazing dessert blogger. Her recipe page is full of over 120 stunning recipes, mostly desserts, but also main courses and healthy low calorie sweet snacks. Her recipes are innovative and combine different fruits, nuts and batters to get the perfect dessert. The pictures of her cake and dessert creations are so tempting that there is no chance that you won’t immediately go to the kitchen and try out one of her ideas. If you are drooling over her bakes and cookies but are dieting, go check out her Skinny sweet treats section.

Our favorite recipe: Chocolate chip peanut butter banana cookie dough bars (vegan and gluten-free)



 Ninegrandstudent .co .uk _770x 116

Nine grand student

What you can find: This is Chloe-Ellen’s lifestyle blog, sharing the joys of being a student in the UK. Besides her personal experiences and beauty product passion, she is also enthusiastic about cooking and sharing budget-friendly recipes and buys that would be useful to every thrifty cook.Her recipes are from her experience only and she doesn’t blog about anything she hasn’t made and tried herself. In you can find healthy and not so much recipes, desserts, main courses, places to shop and eat outdoors.

Our favorite recipe: Mayonnaise brownies



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