The Best Budget Food Blog Award- Here Come The Winners!

It has been 6 days since we launched our competition on the best budget food blogger. If you don’t remember our 15 nominees, you can see who they were here. However, we already have our winner!

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Why were these blogs nominated?

Here is the criteria that has determined the nominees for Surveybee’s Best Budget Food blog award.


Our aim was to provide you with great resources of quality food, that wouldn’t excess your budget. All these blogs offer wonderful recipes, created with inexpensive ingredients that can easily be found in all of our kitchens. As we have tried some ourselves, we can guarantee that the quality of our bloggers’ food is definitely worthy of you following them.


We have all heard the standard cheap recipe scenarios- mac and cheese, bolognese pasta, ramen soup. Well, our bloggers have something way more to offer to you- quality, nutritional food that looks out for your health and well-being. Their recipes combine various simple ingredients to create a fulfilling and exceptionally delicious meal for a cheap price. Their blogs don’t compromise with your health, even if it will cost you less than £5 to prepare dinner for the whole family.


We chose those websites also because they are a true inspiration to every home cook, stay-at-home mom or desperate student out there. Most of them have started a blog in their college years and have gotten as far as writing cookbooks. These people will inspire you to experiment in your kitchen and not get discouraged by a limited budget.




After 6 days of voting and collecting more than 220 votes for our blogs, here are the 5 which won the reader’s love!



5. Erin Chase

The frugal mom who cannot cook dinner with more than $5! As a mother of 4 and a couponing master, the best thing about her website is that her recipes are personally cooked by her and tasted by her family, so you can be sure that everything she offers to you is of top quality!

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4. Rachel Hosie

A young but talented lifestyle and cooking blogger, Rachel has the best recipes for healthy and love yourself sweet treats that no one can resist! She uses familiar to everyone ingredients and creates amazing cakes, muffins and other baked goods. We highly recommend everyone with a sweet tooth to immediately visit her blog and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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3. Claire ★

Claire believes in something that seems impossible to most college students away from home- healthy eating. She has found a way to prove that healthy food can also be delicious and not take hundreds of hours to prepare. Her recipes are very diverse, but they have one thing in common- they can all become a part of a healthy and balanced diet. So fellow students, follow Claire on her journey to slenderhood!

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2. Beth ★★

Beth’s distinct motto “My stomach is full and my wallet is, too” is purely inspirational to everyone who is facing the dilemma of ramen soup versus boiled potatoes. Her recipes not only combine all sorts of ingredients, but also give a sense of different cuisines, all made affordable by Beth! Following her blog will teach you how to successfully meal plan and create restaurant-quality dishes without letting go of all your spending money.

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1. Daisy Bun ★★★

Daisy’s student tailored meals and tips for survival in college, seem to claim people’s love! Her blog, won more than 50% of the votes, winning by a considerable lead. Daisy’s blog is suitable for all food tastes and budget sizes, healthy and even vegan readers and is a very extensive source of kitchen inspiration. Moreover, she doesn’t stop with recipes! Understanding student struggles herself, Daisy is on the spot to help with budgeting, shopping lists, travelling inspiration and even party planning. Congratulations to Daisy and her wonderful work which has been properly appreciated!

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Even though the rest of the blogs didn’t get to be final winners, we thank them for all the hard work they put into providing their readers with budget-friendly nutritional recipes. If you would like to see who they were and pay them a visit, see the nominations here.
We would also like to thank all our readers and everyone who paid a vote so we can determine our winners. Happy cooking from SurveyBee