What Do People REALLY Wear When They Are Working From Home

Work From Home Photo Series by Sarah Deragon

Hooray for Casual Fridays - everyday!

When stepping out of the front door to make a living is not a prerequisite, the obvious sartorial choice for most would be to put on whatever they’d feel most productive and comfortable in. While there is a lot to gain from dressing up smart even when you are working from home, at the end of the day, getting work done well is what really matters, regardless if you are still unshowered and clad in bunny slippers. After all, you are beholden to yourself and no colleague is looking over your shoulder to judge. This freedom to wear whatever you feel right in is just one the many alluring perks of being able to work from home. 

It must be the very notion that inspired artist Sarah Dergan to create "Work from Home", a playful and honest photo series revealing what some of the most creative female entreprenuers from the Bay Area (San Francisco, US) actually wear when they work from home

We have picked out some of our favorites. Have fun checking out these portraits, there is everything from red onesies, bath robes to cool-patterned leggings! To see the rest of the photos, visit her site at <www.sarahderagonphotography.com>

 Photo +by +Sarah +Deragon _033

"Lexi has been working from home for two years and her favorite thing about working from home is setting her own hours and listening to podcasts, she's really into this American life and when she is making the storefront window displays for @raredevice at her house she can make a total and complete mess. She is helping me with my upcoming children's book featuring @frederickthegoldendino and in this pic she's holding one of her felt cactus piñatas for sale in her Etsy shop. "

Photo +by +Sarah +Deragon _029

"Meet local writer and photographer Esha. She's been working from home for 3 years and her favorite things about are being able to cook her own food in the middle of the day and/or do her laundry. Can we just talk about this red onesie for a second?! Where the hell can I get one??"

Photo +by +Sarah +Deragon _036 (1) (1)

"Molly is an amazing professional photographer and her work is split between extremely long and intense shoot days and then editing time at home or in her studio where she talks to no one but her dog and listens to NPR. Her fashion is always on point and these eyeball pants are everything!!!"

Photo +by +Sarah +Deragon _014 (1) (1)


Of course, the roster would not be complete without Sarah herself sharing what she loves to wear when working from home.

Photo +by +Sarah +Deragon _014 (1) (1)

"This is me and I've been working from home for 3.5 years. My favorite things are having a cat on my lap, wearing comfy pants and not having to wear a bra. I'm a big fan of robes too."

What is their favourite thing about working from home?

Here Sarah explains what the rest of these awesome women love about working from home:

 "Jessica, a SF based designer and her favorite thing about working from home is that at she loves not being interrupted or disturbed by random people at an office. She's been working from home for 4 years and I'm obsessed with her pants!"

"The crafting and cocktail expert Ashley, owner of @rosepaperscissors. She's been working from home for 2.5 years and her favorite things are being able to wear comfy clothes, she can curtail the music to her mood and she loves to be able to hang out with her new ragdoll kitty."

 "Christy, one of my favorite local jewelry designers. She's been working from home for 3 years and her favorite thing is warm lunches and obviously the commute."

"The talented Monica She's been working from home for 5 years and her favorite thing is that she can control the ambiance. Depending on her energy level she controls the lighting a can definitely control the music."

"This talented jeweler Jessica has worked from home for 20 years. Her favorite thing about working from home is that she gets to be at home with her cats and is only interrupted when she chooses to be. Her work area is in a room that has a sliding glass door that looks out on to a patio and that does not suck."

"Diana, a brilliant photographer and one of my best friends. She's been working from home for 6.5 years and her favorite thing are hanging out with her dogs (this is one of them named, Holden), listening to nerdy podcasts and not wearing proper pants."

Here is a bit of trivia

Back on British turf, a study released last year by Altodigital reveals that 35% of homeworkers stay in their pyjamas when working and men are twice more likely to dress up in smarter office wear than women when working from home.

The takeaway from this is that the rule on what to wear when working from home is all up to what works for YOU. If you want to feel more self-assured and the job requires you to be visible, look polished and dress presentable. If your productivity depends mostly on your comfort, by all means, forego the shoes and hustle in your sweatpants.

What about you? What do you wear when you are working from home? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @surveybeeUK.