Work From Home Tips: How To Make Your Mondays Awesome

How Successful People Spend Their Weekends

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Did you wake up today stumbling out of bed and greeting the start of the week with a big groan and slumped shoulders? If you are nodding affirmatively, then you must be experiencing the usual Monday blues, that you could have before starting your workday at home. We have all been there. You’ll probably argue that it’s just our biological clocks acting out, the periodic mood shifts making us feel down in the dumps once we hit the start of the week. Thankfully, there is a way around it since the way we spend our weekends can impact our outlook for Monday and the rest of the week.  

We gathered the 5 best tips on how successful people spend their weekends, before monday morning where they have to get back to their workspace at home. These advices should help you find balance on your days off and welcome Monday mornings with much more happy anticipation. Read through and give these suggestions a go next weekend:

#1 Unplug and disconnect


Perhaps the most important favour that you can do to yourself during the weekends is to unplug and recuperate from all the stresses of work that you are doing from home. Take advantage of the weekend to take your mind off work and focus on fully rejuvenating yourself.

Studies have shown that despite modern work trends of 24/7 connectivity, it is still necessary to have weekends and nights off to “switch off” from work. This could mean barring yourself electronically for the whole weekend to relax and take your mind off work. If this sounds unrealistic with your work demands, try as much as possible to designate brief breaks during the weekend to check emails etc. without sacrificing your availability.

It can be hard if you are an entrepreneur who work from home or if you are the only one running your home based business. We promise you that your clients will be much more satisfied if you're not stressing, even though they get their answer the next day. 

#2 Exercise

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The best thing about weekend is the opportunity to have more free time for longer workouts when you’re not crunched to get work done from home. If you find yourself too tired to squeeze in a short jog during the work week, weekends allow you to refresh your workout and work a sweat. Not only does exercise do our bodies good, it also alleviates mental stress and boost our overall happiness. Win-win!

#3 Spend time with your family and friends


When you’re hustling throughout the week, allotting quality time for family and friends become a pressing problem. If you feel guilty for missing family dinners or brunch dates with friends because you have been so occupied with your work at home, weekends can be the perfect time to make up for your shortcomings.

Spending time with the people you love and care for most are essential for recharging yourself, and even more so, your relationships. It can be as simple as organising a little dinner with the whole family, taking your kids to the park or inviting your friends over for a movie night.

Research has shown that the time you spend with your family and friends can go a long way towards boosting your happiness and well-being. Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones and you’ll be glad you did.

 #4 Pursue a passion

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I’m a big believer of following your heart and doing what you love. Everybody should find something that they can truly immerse themselves in on a regular basis, like a passion, an interest or a hobby. It helps keep the mind sharp and in constant learning.

There are also studies showing that hobbies are just as important to good health as exercise is due to its stress-relieving and happiness-boosting effects. If you have been feeling burnt out the whole week, you truly owe it to yourself to do something that you love and deeply enjoy. Whether you like writing, listening to music, snapping photos or baking pastries, doing something you find most enjoyable will reward you with that much-needed freedom and self-fulfilment, which will be appreciated when you are working from home.

#5 Happily anticipate

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It may seem contradictory to spend your downtime making schedules but planning ahead can help you make the most out of your weekend instead of spending it on the sofa not knowing what to do with yourself. We tend to associate planning with only serious and work-related stuff but why not plan for things that you want to enjoy too?  

While spontaneity is often the joy of weekends, hitting the weekend with a some planned anchor events works on a practical level too as it pushes you stick to doing what you really want to do. Maybe book those tickets for that museum exhibit, reserve a table on your favorite resto, schedule a lunch date with your friend or mark your calendar for that long overdue get-together with the family. Having something fun to anticipate can give you doses of pleasure throughout your week of work.

It's all about perspective

I personally love Mondays because it offers me a fresh new start into the week and the opportunity to do things better than the week prior. Mondays are clean slates, perfect for goal-setting, do-overs and starting things anew. If you think about it, it’s quite unfair that Mondays get such a bad rap. Maybe it’s time to embrace new weeks the same way that we look forward to new year’s?  Renew, refresh and reset!

Let today be amazing. Have a happy Monday and a great week while working from home!