10 Ways to be Self Employed

Are you interested in working from home and make money?

Declining the benefits that an employment in a company may offer to its staff is very difficult for some people. Thus, being self employed becomes a hard decision. Some stressful questions might arise to your mind, such as: What am I going to do now? In what field can I develop my skills? What am I good for? Although you may feel pretty worried, you should not be panicking, because there are some jobs that you can fit in. Take a look to this list of 10 ways to work from home.

1. Write a blog

Nowadays bloggers have become very popular and have got several comments and visitors on their pages, who are expecting new posts almost everyday. Some of the best bloggers, depending on the specialization, earn much money having advertising on their blogs. For example, a fashion blogger may have prestigious clothes brands asking to have a banner or a button on her blog.

2. Take an online survey

It is very easy and fast. You only need  to sign up, fill a registration form with your name, e-mail and some other personal information, and send it. Later, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and as soon as you click on it, you will be allowed to take as many online surveys as you want. You will be surprised realizing how simple it is to earn money working from home, just spending some minutes answering questions for market researchers.

3. Become a chef

If you ever have dreamed of earning money for cooking (because you are an expert and almost a Master Chef candidate), this is your opportunity to start your own catering company. It will be exhausting and demanding, of course, to prepare food and drinks for big groups at social events, but it will be worthy when you check your bank account and realize you are earning money working from home.

4. Be the fairy godmother

Are you the first one to raise the hand, to be the organizer of your friend’s party? If it is yes, then you have your next job just waiting for you. You can be a wedding planner! Now, brides are so anxious and worried about the ceremony and party, that you can help them arrange everything being aware of every detail and gain money for it.

Wedding Planner

5. Translate texts

Everyone knows that Google Translator is not as accurate as we wish. We can just mix up the words and have a weird text translated without meaning. Therefore, if you are a multilingual speaker (especially know the most difficult languages as Chinese, Danish or Arabic), it is time to look for some clients and start your own business working from home.

6. Be a babysitter

Do you like kids and babies so much, that every time you meet one you want to carry and play with him? If you nod, then you know which job you can excel. Many women would love to have their children taken care of, by a lovely babysitter while they are going out with friends. The best part is that you can decide if you want to have the kid in your own home or maybe go to the kid’s one.

7. Become a writer

If you have writing skills and always wished to publish that novel or those poems that just rest on your file computer, do not be shy to share your thoughts and take the risk. It is going to be hard at the beginning, because you will have to invest money to get it published, but if you are a good writer, you probably will see your book on the shelf on recent publications in any bookstore.

8. Unleash your graphic skills

You have spent much time at the university dealing with design programs and now have  awesome abilities to design covers and ads. If that’s so, you can probably earn much money working from home on your own, rather than being employed by a company. As a freelance you can have many clients and you can charge them what your design deserves.

9. Make women beautiful

Many women just prefer not to use makeup, because they do not know how to make their eyes look gorgeous with eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you are on the other side and love to make tutorials on how to use the correct tone of blush for your face, then you have many clients to reach.

10. Sew and free your fashion creativity

Sometimes when you go for shopping, you find the same clothes all over around and finally there is no more option to buy the same dress that you saw somebody else was wearing the last party. Now, there is a potential market for designing, sewing and selling clothes; all by yourself. Why not become your friend´s designer and create new fashion concepts? Just try it.

Being Self Employed Graphic