For a More Creative Brain: Drink (Some) Alcohol!

A moderate level of alcohol intake helps to enhance creativity, study says

If you are one of those people who feel guilty about drinking a little alcohol while working, now is time to get rid of this feeling once and for all. Because drinking alcohol (not drowning in the bottle, though) can have positive effects, especially on your creativity. And we have the science that is backing us up!

As we all know, a great number of creative artists, musicians and writers were/are heavy drinkers. Their creativity is somehow associated with their drinking habits, not only by the society but also by themselves. “There is no creative expression of artistic value that has ever been produced by ex-drunkards and ex-drug-addicts. Who the hell would bother with a Rolling Stones without booze or with a Jimi Hendrix without heroin?” the famous Danish director Lars von Trier once said, and probably he is not alone in this belief. Alcohol in general serves as a creative fuel for many of these creative giants, as it is considered as an important substitute of their creativity.

Although heavy drinking like these creative minds might not take you somewhere, a couple of drinks can help you to broaden your imagination especially if you work from home.

At a first glance, drinking alcohol while working might be considered a bit unprofessional. Moreover, if you do it everyday, there is a big chance that you might be sending wrong signals to your coworkers about your drinking habits!

However, if you are working from home, then you might want to grab a bottle of beer every time you are stuck on ideas. Drinking will make you relax, loosen up and thus help you to imagine freely.

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What is creativity and why do we need it?

Creativity involves many definitions, but the simplest form of creativity can be defined as a process, where something new and unusual is produced, whether it is tangible, like an idea or a physical object. Being creative means that you need to perceive the usual things in an unusual and different way. It requires the ability to generate new ways, new ideas and new possibilities.

Whether you are working full- time from your office or simply working from home, a decent amount of creativity is something you always need. Especially if you are trying to make online money by producing or using online services, such as blogging, then make sure to vitalize your creative side in order to attract as many followers as possible.

There are so many different factors that can impact your creativity, which are linked to your personality and lifestyle, your work and working environment and, last but not least, to the people you live and work with. Apart from these impacts, you can also rely on a couple of drinks a day to boost your creativity. This is suggested by different researchers, who have been working on the idea that alcohol can in fact make one more creative.

What does science say?

The link between alcohol drinking and creativity does exist and it has now been scientifically proved. According to the study, published in Consciousness and Cognition, a moderate amount of alcohol can actually ‘manipulate focus’, thus it makes it easier to concentrate on things with a loosed mind.

The experiment looked up 40 men’s creative problem solving abilities, wherein half of the participants were given a specific amount of alcohol – the alcohol consent was kept in 0.075, just under the legal limit of 0.08. The result of the experiment was quite impressing, as all the intoxicated men came up with correct answers and according to the study, their answers were quite ‘insightful’ too.

This has been a quite hot topic, as there are many other studies as well, which investigates the link between the alcohol and creativity. As you’d expect, all these studies show one direction: drinking alcohol will boost your imagination as well as your creative thinking. But overdoing it may lead to failure.