Making Money Online: The Top 5 Reasons Writing A Blog is Good For You

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging and make money online

Did you know that somewhere around the world, a new blog is created every half a second? The number of blogs could be staggering and you must be wondering why you should even bother starting one. Regardless if you are a student, a freelancer or a multinational company, blogging is a valuable platform for yourself and for businesses of any size or type, who make money online.

We highly recommend taking the time and effort to create one. If you need some convincing, we rundown the top reasons why you should be blogging if you aren’t already:

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#1 Establish your credibility

Your blog is the perfect avenue to brag about your work and put your impressive accomplishments into spotlight. Treat it as an alternative to your traditional resume. Having your own personal blog not only allows you to showcase your achievements but it also allows you to express your personality in ways that a resume cannot- and you can get a job and make money on it.

An online portfolio also lets you put forth materials like photos, videos, writing samples and recommendations.  As you may very well be aware of, job recruiters and potential business prospects scour the internet to search information about you. According to a study by Workfolio, 56 percent of hiring managers are most impressed by candidates who have a personal website -  but only a measly 7 percent has one. Don’t let not having one decrease your odds!

#2 Get your brain working

Not only is blogging a useful tool for self-promotion and marketing, it also gives your grey cells a good workout. The process of writing a blog post entails a combination of complex brain activities: brainstorming for ideas, organising your thoughts and making the effort to articulate your thoughts with clear logic and reasoning.

Blogging challenges you to consistently come up with new fresh ideas to write about and how to make money online by blogging. It solidifies your learning and lets you share your knowledge in a much more tangible format. When you convey your expertise through writing, it forces you to internalise the subject to a greater extent and you learn new things to fill the knowledge gaps, if there’s any. Furthermore, blogging greatly improves your writing. “Practice makes perfect", as the saying goes.

#3 Make money off it

If your blog offers highly valuable content and have earned a good following, making decent income off your blog is possible. However, monetising your blog doesn’t come quickly as it takes a lot of time investment to make quality posts on a regular basis. Your blog’s profitability will also be heavily reliant on how good you are at building your audience base and attracting traffic to your site.

A good example of a blog that is raking millions is the widely popular Mashable, founded by Scottish then-19-year-old Pete Cashmore back in 2005. This genius of a website conceived from a teenager’s bedroom is currently generating a whooping 350,000 GBP – 400,000 GBP per month, easily making him one of the richest blogger in the world. Inspired yet?

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#4 Network with people

When you create value for your readers through blogging, they will ultimately keep flocking back to read more. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet, interact and learn from like-minded individuals who share the same journey and interests as you. It is a valuable tool for building rapport and engagement among your audience, peers and potential clients. Sometimes, your readership can even opens doors for reconnecting with people from your past and building new friendships. On a more business point of view, the rapport you build by opening conversations through your blog helps you gain valuable insights into your audiences and helps drive engagement level.

#5 Good for your personal growth

When writing for a personal purpose, blogging is just like keeping a diary, albeit stored in a "cloud".  It is a perfect outlet for sharing/archiving your thoughts and experiences. Writing a personal blog improves your self-awareness as it facilitates a good amount of soul-searching and inward reflection. Being able to trackback your written thoughts helps you see your progress over time. Opening yourself up through your writing also lets others relate to you and the stories you share may inspire people in one way or another.There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that your blog has made a positive impact unto others, serving a purpose beyond just being a venue for your ramblings.