Top Picks: 8 Sites and Apps For Making Money Online

Make Extra Money With These Websites and Apps

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Get paid to do tasks like reviewing music, creating videos, snapping photos, testing softwares and answering surveys. If you are looking for easy ways to make money, these apps and sites are worth checking out!



Slicethepie pays you to write reviews for new songs, fashion items and commercials before they are released to the market. Besides getting paid for your opinion, you also get a hand on influencing the next big thing in fashion trends and music. As for payments, earnings can be anywhere between 6 to 15 pence, feasibly earning you £30/month. By referring a friend, you can also earn 10% of their earning as commissions. We recommend this to people who can judge different fashion and music styles objectively as you cannot choose a particular genre to review.



Youtube needs no introduction. You have pretty much heard the likes of PewDieDie, Michelle Phan and Bethany Nota, the Youtube elites who are racking up millions of hits and dollars on their channels. Even if you cannot gain the same stellar following like them but as long as you have a fair number of views, you can be eligible to join the Youtube Partner program. The program allows you to earn some money off the adverts that are being shown alongside your clips. Earnings vary but it can typically pay £30 a month. So if you think you are skilled in creating cool videos, get recording and start earning cash.



Smart app Roamler allows you to earn money by doing easy location-based tasks like snapping a photo of a menu card or counting stocks at your local supermarket. For every correctly completed task, you earn experience points and money anywhere between £2 -£10. If you’re constantly hooked on your smartphone, this app could be something worth checking out.



Fiverr is a freelancing website where you can post the services you can provide for a minimum of $5, hence the site’s name. Promoting your service on the site is a breeze as it is promising because of its wide global reach and straightforward set up. There is also a possibility to earn more for your tasks by providing options like early delivery dates, add-ons etc. Usual tasks advertised on the site range from graphic design, illustration, online marketing and translations.



Textbroker is the world’s leading marketplace, acting as the middleman between clients and writers. If you have the knack for words and grammar, the site allows you to get compensated for your writing talents. Writing assignments are usually for advertisements, websites and newsletters use. Depending on the quality of your output, the site can pay you from £5 to £30 for every article.



Testbird is a German-based crowdtesting company that lets you earn money by testing smartphone apps, softwares and web applications in your own environment and own devices. The test you get invited for are project-based and depends on your profile and devices. The amount you’ll get paid for varies, depending on the quality of your report and the bugs you find, but typically it is around £10 per hour.                                                                             7             

Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit is both a website and mobile platform where you can earn money by doing other people’s errands in your neighborhood, whether be it taking their pets out for a walk, cleaning service, driving or helping organise the garage. It is a good source for supplementing your income if you are good at doing tasks as such. Most taskers usually set their hourly rate at about £20 per hour.



And to top off the list, SurveyBee is a paid online survey aggregator platform that puts together trusted and reliable marketing research companies and survey sites all in one place. By signing up with SurveyBee, you not only get the chance to influence trends and breakthrough findings, but you also earn rewards for your opinion in form of cash, points and gift rewards. Get started with online surveys!